Rush Hour 4 Release Date

Rush Hour 4 Release Date: Is This Series Coming in 2022!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been over twenty years since the original Rush Hour starred Hong Kong action hero Jackie Chan and Hollywood’s wittiest comedian Chris Tucker.

Even more surprising than their on-screen chemistry together was the film’s surprise financial success; the low-budget action movie grossed almost $244 million worldwide, beginning one of the unlikeliest trilogies in Hollywood history.

The original Rush Hour film pits Tucker, a brash Los Angeles investigator, against Chan, a slick Hong Kong inspector in a buddy cop film in the vein of Beverly Hills Cop.

After accidentally being assigned to the same case, the couple plays up the cultural differences for the sake of comic relief. Rush Hour was a huge success when it was released in 1998 because of the connection between Chan and Tucker and because of the many scenes that focused on Chan.

The same may be said for the two sequels that followed, 2001’s Rush Hour 2 and 2007’s Rush Hour 3. The total worldwide box office earnings for those movies add up to around $1 billion.

After more than two decades have gone by since Chan and Tucker first exchanged one-liners on the big screen, it’s easy to see why studio managers might still be keen to get them back together for more witty antics.

Despite the fact that Tucker and Chan have both hinted at the prospect of doing a Rush Hour 4 as late as this year, the film has still not been made.

It seems more likely that Lee and Carter will rejoin on film at some point than not, although details on the project are still sketchy at best. This is everything we know about Rush Hour 4 at this time.

To what date will Rush Hour 4 be released?

There is no way of knowing the exact release date for the fourth film until production begins, but judging from the timing of the previous films, it seems likely that it will be released toward the end of the summer.

On September 18, 1998, Rush Hour was released, and on August 3, 2001, its sequel, and on August 10, 2007, its third installment.

Production on the fourth film is highly unlikely to begin any time before 2021. That would put the release date in the summer of 2022 at the earliest. But I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

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Will there be a Rush Hour 4?

There have been rumors about a Rush Hour 4 for years, but as of this writing, there is no official word on whether or not the film is actually in production. Let’s go back in time and learn how the sequel came to be.

In October 2017, Jackie Chan stated that he and the film’s producers had reached a writing agreement and that they were just waiting for Chris Tucker to give his approval. Tucker’s involvement in Rush Hour 4 was revealed in February 2018.

The start of filming had been scheduled for 2018, however, for unknown reasons, this never occurred. Tucker gave us an update in January 2019 and mentioned that they are still discussing the script.

We’re working on a few things with the script before we move into production, but we’re making progress. Tucker stated on his Winging It podcast that Jackie Chan, himself, and the studio all want to film the scene together.

In April 2019, Tucker posted a photo of himself and Chan putting up four fingers, and their followers went wild. Fans have speculated that the photo suggests the long-awaited Rush Hour 4 is on the horizon.

But in a surprising turn of events, Jackie Chan’s management revealed the next day that Chan had not committed to star in Rush Hour 4 in a statement made the day before.

Tucker says he and Jackie are still trying to figure out Rush Hour 4 and a number of other projects in October 2019.

Tucker said in an interview with ABC Audio, “Hopefully we’ll have something going very soon. Me and Jackie Chan are talking about doing something new and something different.”


We’ll have to stay tuned for announcements on the cast and crew of Rush Hour 4. There has to be a fourth film in the series starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker for the story to wrap up.

The only constants in the show are its two main characters. Thus, it’s safe to assume that the sequel will introduce a large number of brand-new personalities.

Tzi Ma, who portrayed Ambassador Solon Han in the first and third movies, could be the person in question.

Two different actresses, Julia Hsu and Zhang Jingchu played Han’s daughter, Soo-Yung. However, in the movies, other actors played the roles.

Are veterans Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker coming back for Rush Hour 4?

Fans of the Rush Hour franchise may be concerned that the stars of the program may not return to their roles in the presumed in-the-works sequel due to the film’s unknown production status and release date.

As it stands, Tucker’s late 2019 interview with ABC News is the last time we heard anything about the picture “Jackie Chan and I have been discussing the possibility of collaborating on an original and exciting project, so we shall see. I’m hoping that we can get something going quickly.”

That’s a rather heavy remark, considering it suggests Tucker and Chan might reunite for another film outside of the Rush Hour franchise. The actor then further confused the issue by saying, “We plan to take action soon.

Several potential endeavors have caught our attention. We’ll have to wait and see which one materializes first.” Chan and Tucker are anxious to reunite for future projects, but it’s possible that Rush Hour 4 won’t be the film that finally does it.

Obviously, Rush Hour 4 is in jeopardy if Chan or Tucker decide to bow out. If both of them were to die, the concept of recasting the Rush Hour franchise would be laughable at best, though it technically has already happened, with new actors playing Carter and Lee in the 2016 CBS comedy that was inspired by the Rush Hour films.

Until Carter and Lee are confirmed for Rush Hour 4, any other casting rumors are largely meaningless. That being said, does anyone have any idea if Justin Hires and Jonathan Patrick Foo are available for a possible revival of the franchise?

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