Rent a Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date: Is This Series Coming in 2022!

Rent a Girlfriend Season 2

Rent-A-Girlfriend is a romantic comedy about a college student named Kazuya and a girl named Chizuru, who works for a service that lets men rent out their girlfriends.

He employs Chizuru as a pretend girlfriend after being dumped. Chizuru has a rough relationship with Kazuya, and the two eventually part ways. Even when Kazuya’s family finds out they’re dating, the two of them are compelled to keep up the pretense.

While watching their relationship grow and alter, other girls are introduced to complicate matters even more for them.

It is assumed that season two of Rent-A-Girlfriend will pick up where season one left off. However, we have no idea if the pace will be increased or maintained at the same level as in season one.

Comic book fans are excited for season two since it will feature the Movie Arc, widely regarded as the best storyline in the series.

Rent a Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date

Rent a Girlfriend Season 2

Confirmation is indisputable! The second season of Rent-A-Girlfriend was confirmed by Crunchyroll in September with a teaser video.

The announcement of the release date has been made public. For Rent a Girlfriend Season 2, the release date has been planned for July 2022, which is over two years after Season 1 debuted.

The voice actresses of Kazuya, Chizuru, Ruka, Mami, Sumi, and Nagomi were featured in a special video made for the announcement. A new season with the same cast is very certainly on the way, but there has been no official word on that yet.

The team hasn’t undergone any alterations, therefore it’s very likely that it will remain the same.

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Rent a Girlfriend Season 2 Plot

College student Kazuya Kinoshita, whose heart has been broken by the breakup of his relationship, turns to a mobile dating app to find a replacement lover. At first impression, Chizuru Mizuhara appeared to be the ideal young lady: attractive and kind-hearted, she had everything a man might want in a wife.

With his heart still shattered over his last breakup, Kazuya came face to face with some outrageous comments on his online profile following their first meeting. He gives Chizuru a low rating because he believes she is solely interested in playing on men’s emotions.

Chizuru’s grumpy and arrogant self is on display in contrast to Kazuya’s initial ideas, which were more concerned with Kazuya’s feelings. Kazuya arrives at the hospital just as Chizuru discovers that her grandma has collapsed and needs medical attention. It wasn’t a big deal, in reality.

When Kazuya’s grandma learns that he is finally in a long-term relationship, she collapses. Kazuya and Chizuru are pushed into a sham relationship since Kazuya can’t tell Chizuru the truth.

Rent a Girlfriend Season 2 Cast

Rent a Girlfriend Season 2

The cast of “Rent-a-Girlfriend” Season 2 has yet to be announced. The cast from Season 1 is likely to return for Season 2. That being said, a special short film was created to accompany the formal announcement of the show’s second season, which featured much of the anime voice cast.

Chizuru Mizuhara was played by Sora Amamiya, Mami Nanami by Aoi Yki, Ruka Sarashina by Nao Toyama, Sumi Sakurasawa by Rie Takahashi, Shun Horie by Kazuya Kinoshita, and Kazuya’s grandma by Yukari Nozawa, according to Anime News Network’s list of characters.

TMS Entertainment, the studio behind “Rent-a-Girlfriend,” and Kazuomi Koga, the anime director, appear to be sticking together for Season 2. According to Crunchyroll, anime character designer, Kanna Hirayama will be making a comeback since they created the graphics for the teaser video.

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Rent a Girlfriend Season 2 Trailer


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