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Ready to Love Season 6 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot – All We Know So Far

We feature successful black men and women who are looking for love in “Ready to Love.” Winners want to meet other singles and perhaps find a potential match after they’ve achieved financial success on the show The viewers will be able to see the formation and dissolution of relationships as the show proceeds. The show depicts the men’s journeys and feelings as they search for the perfect companion.

The show’s intended audience adores it because of the high level of entertainment, cinematography, and casting it offers. Released in October 2018, the unscripted series deals with love and romance. Fans are anxiously awaiting word on whether or not there will be another season after this one. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re wondering the same thing!

Ready to Love Season 6 Plot

ready to love season 6

Season after season, the reality show adheres to a predetermined formula to ensure that participants receive the outcomes they desire. Many competitors build friendships with other competitors in addition to finding a mate for love. A man and a woman alternate eliminating a coworker of the opposing sex from the workplace in each episode.

Throughout the season, couples bond and spend time together at the show to learn more about each other. As a result, some relationships end happily, while others leave you feeling down. Whatever the situation may be, it is safe to say that Ready to Love Season 7 will deliver the same level of tension and suspense as past seasons.

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Ready to Love Season 6 Hosts and Contestants

ready to love season 6

For a sixth season, Thomas Miles is likely to return as the host of the dating show. Given his connection to the famed comedian Steve Harvey, the comedian is commonly referred to as “Nephew Tommy.” Tommy chose the name as his stage pseudonym and co-host of ‘The Steve Harvey Morning Show’ with his uncle.

For a possible season, 6 of the current, candidates will probably be drawn from throughout the world, where filming is taking place. As a general rule, all of the contributors to the collection are unmarried people in their 30s and 40s who are financially secure. The next season of this show will almost certainly follow the same pattern in terms of attracting people who are looking for long-term partnerships.

Ready to Love Season 6 Release Date

‘Ready to Love’ season 5 started on January 28, 2022, on OWN and finished its run on May 6, 2022. Each of the 14 episodes of the fifth season is roughly 42 minutes.

As far as season 6 is concerned, here’s what we know! As of writing, the reality program is yet to be revived for another season. The dating series has gained a passionate fandom that follows every cast member closely and roots for the characters to get together. Since its inception, the show has retained good viewership that can benefit it when the network deliberates about its continuation.

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If season 5 of the dating series crosses all the milestones predicted by OWN, the hosting network might pick up the show for another cycle. In that situation, we predict ‘Ready to Love’ season 6 to release sometime in Q4 2022.

Ready to Love Season 6 Cast

The cast members of the show are:

Women –

  • Ace – 37-year-old – Philanthropist
  • Daiya – 39-year-old – Systems Engineer & Director Of Dance Dimensions
  • Joi – 41-year-old – Musician
  • Precious – 34-year-old – Owner of Phoenix Swin (coming soon)
  • Kina – 39-year-old – Employed
  • Sabrina- 36-year-old – Fitness enthusiasts
  • Tiffani – 37-year-old – Entrepreneur

Men –

  • Clifton – 44-year-old – Entrepreneur
  • Demetrius – 42-year–old
  • Fernando – 34-year-old – Blogger
  • Laverne – 44-year-old – USAF Veteran
  • Paul – 48-year-old – Rap Trap and Hip-Hop Producer.
  • Tory – 39-year-old – Realtor, Investor
  • Wiley – 32-year-old – Entrepreneur

Host, Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles, will help these seven accomplished and vibrant men and women find love in the DMV area of Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. According to the official statement.

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Ready to Love Season 6 Trailer

No official trailer for Ready to Love Season 6 has yet been released. You can catch up on the previous episode while you wait.

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