Raphy Pina Net Worth: How Much Has This Person Made in 2022?

raphy pina net worth

Rafael was born on the 4th of July 1978 in Isla del Encanto in Puerto Rico. He gained an interest in the music industry as a result of his father’s involvement in it. Throughout his entire life, Raphy has been in charge of the company’s underground and reggaeton departments.

An investigation into fraud and money laundering led to Rafa’s arrest in 2012. His sentence was two years of supervised release in 2016 after he admitted to taking part in a scheme to steal $4.1 million from the now-defunct Doral bank.

Early Life

Born on July 4, 1978, Rafael Antonio Pina Nieves grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His father, Rafael Pina, was a music producer as well. Juan Luis Guerra and Jose Alberto El Canario were two well-known musicians his father handled in the late 1990s. His mother’s maiden name is Mia Pina. The two of them shared childhood in the Philippines.

raphy pina net worth

After observing his father’s dedication to the music industry, Pina was motivated to follow in his footsteps. Early on, he helped his father run the family music business, lending a hand whenever he could. As a result, he was given responsibility for the underground and reggaeton sections of the corporation.


Many Latin trap musicians from both the United States and Puerto Rico have become close friends with Raphy Pina. Many artists wanted to work with Raphy to enhance their own careers because his dad’s company had become so successful.

Raphy Pina, on the other hand, has become a magnet for music business talent! Raphy’s father handed over management of his music empire to him after a few years of his move to the United States.

Raphy Pina sprang into action right away, intending to further his father’s business interests. Raphy Pina One of Raphy Pina’s most well-known new artists, Daddy Yankee, was preparing to release his debut album at the time as well.

Raphy Pina took a huge risk in overpaying on marketing since he knew how amazing his artist was. This may be a game-changer for him because he trusted in his artist.

There is little doubt about it that the record was a commercial triumph. As a result, Pina Records was recognized as one of the top Latin trap music labels around. Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina both went through a similar journey when they first started out as artists.

Net Worth

When the Internal Revenue Service arrested “Mr. SoldOut” Raphy Pina in 2012 on suspicion of fraud and money laundering, his net worth was estimated at $10 million (before May 2021). He founded Pina Records Urban Music Company, a Puerto Rican musical label in 1996, and now serves as its president.

raphy pina net worth

To date, it has been the most widely recognized and successful record label in reggaeton music. Daddy Yankee, R.K.M & Ken-Y, Plan B, and Natti Natasha are just a few of the musicians who have worked with the label over the years (as of 2021). Natasha’s debut album, Iluminatti, was published on February 15th, 2019 by Pina Records, the sole label to release it.

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Personal Life

Raphy Pina married Carolina Aristizabal in 2011, and we have that information on file. Raphy Pina is single as of December 2021.

Records of Past Relationships: There are no previous relationships listed for Raphy Pina. Raphy Pina’s dating history could use some help!


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