Pregnant Gina Rodriguez Laughs After Taking "Some Bets" On What Comes First Baby or New Show!

Pregnant Gina Rodriguez Laughs After Taking “Some Bets” On What Comes First Baby or New Show!

Gina Rodriguez is putting in extra effort as she gets ready for two major debuts. While promoting the Feb. 8 debut of her new ABC comedy Not Dead Yet, the Golden Globe winner, 38, joked about her due date and shared some flashback photos from her first pregnancy with husband Joe Locicero.

“A handful of the things I’ve been up to at 40 weeks and beyond. Stop asking me when I’m due; I’m neither dead nor pregnant “The caption was written by Gina Rodriguez. “Shall we place wagers as to whether the baby or the TV show will arrive first?!?!?”

Pregnant Gina Rodriguez Laughs After Taking "Some Bets" On What Comes First Baby or New Show!

To quote Gina Rodriguez, “That’s What Life Is” when asked about starting a new show while expecting her first child: The star recorded a narration for the post, and she and her co-stars appeared on a panel while the star was pregnant. One video showed Rodriguez and Joe Locicero, then 36, playing Dance Dance Revolution, while another showed Locicero’s pregnant tummy next to the couple’s dog, Marty.

In an earlier interview, Rodriguez, who is also an executive producer on Not Dead Yet, discussed the challenges she faced while pregnant with her first child. In December 2022, she remarked, “That’s life.” “You do realize that it encompasses every location simultaneously?

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The title of that film is very fitting for real life; it’s one of my favorites “In his continuation, Rodriguez. “Simply put, it’s everything. It’s every single thing at the same time. I’m trying to let go, really. There are instances when you can successfully let go. Occasionally, the grasp is too tight.”

Pregnant In a ‘Creative’ Ways Are Not Extinct, as Gina Rodriguez Remembers But the crew kept her growing belly a secret. The former Jane the Virgin star said she is simply trying to take everything in. “It gives the impression of being alive when you sit in it. I like being in that state, “the pregnant woman said.

In Not Dead Yet, she plays Nell Stevens, a recently divorced writer who tries to get back into the business by writing obituaries because it’s the only work she can find after a decade of unemployment. After getting married in May 2019, Rodriguez and Cicero made the happy announcement that they were expecting their first child in July 2022, on her 38th birthday.

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