Plurk: What It Is and How to Join It

What Is Plurk and How to Join It?

Plurk is a social networking site that will remind many people of Twitter, but maybe a version of Twitter from before it became as popular as it is now. This article looks at how Plurk works, how to join it, and how it differs from Twitter.

What’s Plurk?

Plurk: What It Is and How to Join It

Plurk is a short blogging platform and social network that started in Taiwan in 2008. It has a lot of the same features as Twitter, but the community is smaller and the design isn’t as polished.

The platform was made by a group called “The A-Team.” No one knows anything else about its members, but CEO Alvin Woon has been in charge of the company since 2013. The name “Plurk” is made up of the words “play,” “work,” “people,” and “lurk.”

Plurk says it has users all over the world, but most of its users are in Taiwan and Asia.

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What does it do?

Users post short messages to the platform, which are called “plus.” This is similar to how Twitter users post “tweets.” Users can follow each other, see each other’s plurks on a timeline, comment on each other’s messages, and more. By default, a Plurk is just text, but it can also have photos, videos, and other types of media. Plurks can only be up to 360 characters long.

Plurk has some of the same features and ideas as Twitter, but its main difference is that its timeline scrolls horizontally instead of vertically. Using CSS, users can change how their profile page looks.

Users can send direct messages to one another, post privately, and have private group chats in addition to making public posts. Users get Karma points when they post messages, get other users to comment on those messages, use the site regularly, invite others to use Plurk, and accept friend requests. Karma seems to be a score, like the old Klout on Twitter, but it can’t be used.

How do I sign up for Plurk?

Joining Plurk is free. On Plurk’s sign-up page, you can sign up with an email address.

How much is Plurk?

Plurk is free to use, and ads pay for it. Plurk Coins can be bought as an extra to get access to more features.

With Plurk Coins, you can hide ads, add hundreds of new emoticons, upload higher-resolution photos, filter your timeline, and do other things. Every 30 days, all of these features cost 1 Plurk Coin. You have to pay another Coin if you want to keep the features.

As of this writing, a single coin costs $2.19, or you can buy 12 coins for $20.90 less.

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Plurk is a platform that is a lot like Twitter and has been around for almost 15 years, but the features, polish, and audience don’t seem to have kept up. Fans of Twitter will recognize some things about Plurk, but the smaller communities and conversations may make many of them want to try something else.

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