Perfect Addiction Release Date

The Highly Anticipated ‘Perfect Addiction’ Release Date is Finally Here!

Fans of the author and the genre are very excited about the upcoming book “Perfect Addiction.” Perfect Addiction is the name of a new romantic drama movie that will soon be available on the popular streaming service Prime Video. The book looks like it will take you on a journey full of mystery, romance, and suspense.

The literary community is already talking about “Perfect Addiction,” and readers can’t wait for it to come out. Perfect Addiction is an upcoming romantic action drama that is based on Claudia Tan’s wildly popular book of the same name. Castille Landon is in charge of making the movie. Her last two movies were After Ever Happy and After We Fell.

Stephanie Sanditz wrote the movie’s script, which he used to make the movie. Stephanie Sanditz wrote The Infernal Devices, which is the last book she has written. Its name suggests that the things it talks about are hard to stop thinking about. Let’s look at what we know about this eagerly awaited book right now.

Perfect Addiction Release Date:

Perfect Addiction is set to come out on March 24, 2023, on Prime Video. Only a few movie theaters in major cities will show Perfect Addiction. Fans are already excited about the movie because it has been confirmed, and people can’t wait for it to come out.

Perfect Addiction Release Date

If you’re keeping an eye on perfection addiction, I have good news for you. The trailer for Perfect Addiction can be seen on the official Prime Video website and on their YouTube channel. This movie will star the well-known actress Kiana Madeira.

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Perfect Addiction Plot

It is based on Claudia Tan’s very popular book. The story is about a successful MMA trainer who finds out that her boyfriend, the reigning champion, has been cheating on her. Now she is ready to get back at him by training his worst enemy, who is the only one who can beat him. When a complicated love triangle is added to the story, however, the plot takes a different turn.

Sienna is the main character in Perfect Addiction. She is an MMA trainer whose boyfriend Jax (Matthew Noszka) cheats on her in front of her with her sister. She loses her house and two people she thought were close to her in an instant. Because of this, Sienna looks for a new fighter who can beat her ex-boyfriend and trains him.

The official synopsis might give you a better idea of what to expect. The audience will get a quick look at Sienna and Jax’s relationship, as well as at their tragedy and the effects of their breakup. Sienna seems ready to move on, while Jax seems to be trying to fix what he broke and doing everything he can to scare off potential suitors.

Kayden is said to be “complex.” In the trailer, his voiceover says that he is “addicted” to Sienna. This could mean a lot of different things. The book’s summary says that he finally lets her move in with him, which is the start of their working-to-romantic relationship.

Perfect Addiction Cast

Kiana Madeira is Sienna’s MMA coach. People may remember the actress from her roles in Trinkets, After We Fell, After Ever Happily, and the Fear Street trilogy on Netflix. Sienna is training a new warrior named Kayden, who is played by Ross Butler. The actor is well-known for his roles in Riverdale, Shazam!, 13 Reasons Why, and the last two episodes of the To All the Boys trilogy on Netflix.

Perfect Addiction Release Date

Perfect Addiction (2023) Cast (Actor/Actress Name) Role/Character/Act As
Poppy Gilbert Cara
Manu Bennett Julian
Ross Butler Kayden Williams
Kiana Madeira Sienna Lane
Matthew Noszka Jax Deneris
Nicholas Duvernay Brent Jacobs
Bree Winslow Beth
Ryan Bown Evans
Jay DeMerit Kaiden Williams
Kailas Mahadevan M.C.
Alex Czerwinski Bookie

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Perfect Addiction Trailer

The official Perfect Addiction trailer for the upcoming romantic action drama has been put up on Prime Video. On March 24, people will be able to stream the movie. Watch the official trailer for Perfect Addiction below:

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