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Pentiment will be released this year in November 2022.

The announcement of Pentiment, the newest game from critically acclaimed and recently purchased Obsidian, during the Xbox Showcase at this year’s Summer Game Fest caused quite a stir.

The creators call it “a historical narrative-driven game,” comparing it to classic point-and-click adventures with an emphasis on story.

The game’s visual aesthetic is reminiscent of a 16th-century tapestry, and it challenges players to steer their protagonist “closer to the center of an underlying conspiracy.”

Here is the official Pentiment release date and time, as well as the cost to purchase it.

Releasing date of Pentiment

Releasing date of Pentiment 

The 16th-century adventure Pentiment from Obsidian Entertainment will be available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and Game Pass on November 15, 2022. And the good news is that this week, people who are at Gamescom can really play it!

Those who choose to do so will enter the story after the initial murder has already taken place. Pre-order Pentiment now for $19.99 (or play for free with Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass) when it launches in November on Microsoft platforms.

The announcement of Pentiment was one of the major surprises during this year’s Xbox & Bethesda Showcase.

Early indications are that the game will stand out as one of Obsidian’s more daring efforts, thanks to its beautiful visuals and historically-grounded branching narrative. Following is a synopsis of this 16th-century Bavarian tale:

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Substantial Decrease in The Cost of Pentiment

The price of Pentiment on Steam is set at $19.99/£14.99. It’s worth noting that, thanks to Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Obsidian Entertainment, the game will be playable on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass PC from launch day onward, saving subscribers a few dollars.

Is Anyone Familiar with The Pentiment Developer?

Is Anyone Familiar with The Pentiment Developer?

Obsidian Entertainment, the developer of numerous critically acclaimed role-playing games, is responsible for Pentiment.

It all started with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, although these days Obsidian is more well-known for making Fallout: New Vegas. Directed by Josh Sawyer, creative director at Obsidian, who also helmed New Vegas and both Pillars of Eternity installments.

Pentiment appears to take its storytelling cues from those games. Apart from The Outer Worlds 2, Obsidian is also working on Avowed.

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Penitent Gameplay Trailer

The trailer showcases a wide variety of gameplay and exciting moments from the game. There are lots of dramatic sequences and rapid scene transitions.

It appears that the player assumes the role of a man whose job is to write books. There have been the foulest of murders, and they must be investigated.

There are role-playing elements that may affect how the game is played, such as picking a setting. However, beyond that, there is little else that can be said with absolute certainty.

It’s a welcome change of pace from other AAA games, and puzzle and role-playing game fans will love it. As more information about Pentiment becomes available, be sure to check back with Pro Game Guides for updates!

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