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Omar Sy Is In Hiding In Netflix Tudum Teaser Released in Lupin Season 3

I took care of my dad’s killer. I have to keep my loved ones safe. Despite my better judgment, I returned to the spotlight. “Now, see me vanish before your very eyes.”

In a preview for Lupin’s third season, Omar Sy’s Assane Diop explains how his plot would progress. And it’s true: Assane spent season 3 away from his family, on the run after obtaining his revenge on Hubert Pellegrini at the end of season 2.

However, I don’t think that will last for very long. The French heist thriller, which updates the legendary thief Arsène Lupin from Maurice Leblanc, exploded in popularity after its first January 2021 release on Netflix. While we wait for Assane to return, here is what we may anticipate.

When Will Season 3 of “Lupin” Be Available on Netflix?


Lupin Season 3 has been in production since November 2021, but neither Netflix nor Omar Sy has confirmed whether or if filming is still underway or has concluded in Paris, therefore a release date has not been set.

Both seasons will be available in 2021; the first will arrive on January 8, and the second on June 11. Omar Sy confirmed on Twitter that there will be a third season.

 After the first season was made available on Netflix, the streaming site reported that over 70 million users had tuned in to watch the drama during its first month.

Though a lot of ground was covered in the second season, there are still a lot of narratives to tell. After seeing how well the first season did, fans had high hopes for the second.

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Those who will play Lupin in the upcoming third season

Those who will play Lupin in the upcoming third season


Without Omar Sy, Lupin would not exist, and the show would not return with anyone else in the role of Assane. After all, he told the Hollywood Reporter that playing the part had always been a goal of his (opens in new tab).

“As far as we’re concerned, he’s the man, and the book is a masterpiece. And if you’re an actor, he’s like the coolest new gadget you could hope for. Simply said, you can do anything with him. It opened up a world of possibilities for me.

I have a witty side, too. There is tension. The plot progresses. indistinguishable from one another “Sy spoke at length about his appreciation for the well-known French tale.

Nevertheless, the rest of the cast hasn’t been announced just yet. However, Assane’s best buddy Benjamin (Antoine Gouy) and his wife Claire (Ludivine Sagnier), as well as their son Raoul (Etan Simon), are expected to return.

It’s possible, but not guaranteed, that we’ll encounter Capitaine Romain Laugier (Vincent Londez), Lieutenant Sofia Belkacem (Shirine Boutella), or Detective Guedira (Soufiane Guerra).

Where will the plot of Lupin go in its third season?

Where will the plot of Lupin go in its third season?

“That is the topic of our current discussion. We’re still working on the script, but there are many elements we want to include “In an interview with EW, Omar Sy revealed some information.

By the end of Lupin II, Assane had successfully restored his father’s reputation by exposing Pellegrini’s crimes to the public and having the morally bankrupt businessman jailed by the authorities.

Having provided the authorities with indisputable proof of his guilt, Pellegrini may no longer have any further involvement in this saga. Even though Assane got his comeuppance in Season 2, Pellegrini isn’t out of the woods just yet.

“What comes next for Pellegrini and everyone else, including himself, is an unknown variable. As it stands, it’s not quite done yet.

Though he has accomplished much, his job is yet incomplete. We didn’t have all of our answers by the time Episode 10 ended “According to what Sy said to EW.

It’s possible he’ll get away this time and come back intent on wreaking even more havoc on Assane. That cliffhanger, however, provides the ideal launchpad for authors Kay and François Uzan to begin a new tale.

One In which Assane can once again display his delicious array of deception and guile, this time in a slew of brand-new guises.

After a quick but emotional goodbye with Claire and their son on “Raoul’s bridge,” he has now gone into hiding. The man himself has promised his return, though, and for that, we will hold him accountable.

We anticipate his return with the anticipation of a new adversary for him to face. Maybe Pellegrini is a part of a larger group whose leaders are furious that Assane destroyed their latest attempt to become rich.

Since Pellegrini was able to escape from police detention by calling the Minister of the Interior, we know that he has this connection. The question is whether or not this reaches the very top.

Is it possible that we might run into another somebody from Assane’s past who isn’t really welcome? The options available are extensive and diverse.

Kay told Variety that he will “build a new adventure that will continue ahead from there and further disturb Assane.” He also confirmed that the plot will remain Paris-based and that he has no plans to stop exploring Assane’s backstory.

Assane spends much of the beginning of Part 3 on the run and in hiding.

Assane spends much of the beginning of Part 3 on the run and in hiding.

According to Netflix, “Assane now has to adjust to life in hiding, apart from his wife and child.

Assane can’t take any more of the pain they’ve been through because of him, so he travels back to Paris to make them an outrageous offer: pack everything and move somewhere else.

But the past always finds a way to catch up with you, and an unwelcome visitor will throw a wrench into his plans.”

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Trailer for Season 3 of Lupin

Because his likeness is now ubiquitous, our gentleman spy is in greater peril than ever before. Assane is stuck in a rut, and so is the teaser trailer for season three of Lupin.

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