Only Murders in The Building Season 3 Release Date

Unravel The Mystery Again: Only Murders in The Building Season 3 Arriving Soon!

Although the second season of Only Murders in the Building on Hulu concluded in August 2022, the true-crime podcast trio is ready to solve some new murder mysteries at The Arconia. There will be a third season of the show starring Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez, according to Deadline’s story from July 2022.

The tweet included a video of Charles, Oliver, and Mabel texting in a group, with the caption, “My neighbors have a special message for you all: #OnlyMurdersInTheBuilding will return for Season 3!” What I have to fret over now is who will be up next. “I sure as heck hope it’s not me!”

And yet, everyone has a sneaking suspicion that something isn’t quite right. Who the heck is responsible, and why are they doing this? Seems like something that can only be solved by a bunch of prying podcasters. A third season, if so, when can we anticipate it? Discover the latest information on the third season of Only Murders in the Building right here.

Only Murders in The Building Season 3 Release Date

Only Murders in The Building Season 3 Release Date

A new timer has been started. On January 17th, Steve tweeted a selfie that gave followers an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes. In his essay, he said, “Only Murders in the Building Season 3 has started production! Incredible potential cast.”

Season 1 premiered in August 2021, and Season 2 premiered in June 2022, thus those are the official dates we can use to determine when Season 3 will be released. If our assumptions hold, the exciting comedy will be back for a third season in the summer of 2023.

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Only Murders in The Building Season 3 Plot

Will Oliver’s role in the plot expand? So it would seem! With Oliver preparing for a reappearance on the stage, it appears that we will be learning more about his background. It “feels fitting” to focus more on Oliver and his hope for a return, OMINTB creator John Hoffman told Entertainment Weekly. “Season 1 was really concentrated around a Mabel story, and then Charles and his father emotionally led Season 2 in many ways,” Hoffman said.

Only Murders in The Building Season 3 Release Date

“what happened in that year jump, and where are they when we join them in Season 3 around this new dilemma they have,” we will learn in this season. As you might expect, the latest issue involves a murder onstage that raises serious suspicions. Reports indicate that the third season will have the same number of episodes as the first two.

Considering that the first two seasons each comprised nine to ten episodes, we highly doubt that there will be any more. Even if the program were canceled after 100 episodes, we would still watch it since the cast is that good. The first episode will pick up right where the second season finale left off, with Paul Rudd laying dead on the floor of a theater.

Only Murders in The Building Season 3 Cast

Hulu has not officially confirmed the series’ full roster, but fans can likely count on seeing their favorite actors and actresses return for more murder and mayhem. With each passing year, we anticipate an even more star-studded lineup.

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The Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Ending Explained

In the second-season finale, we get the full story of how she got here. Back in Chickasha, Becky had a rough time of it. She was hounded by the creepy mayor at work and had to put up with her unappreciative father at home. Listening to podcasts by Cinda Canning helped, but she was ready for a fresh start.

Becky decides to get a job from Cinda, so she fakes her own absence with the help of a do-it-yourself makeover and some online research. As Poppy White, she approaches Cinda with the idea of a podcast about the disappearance of a girl called Becky Butler from a small town in Oklahoma. When Cinda bites, she doesn’t realize that Poppy is really Becky.

Only Murders in The Building Season 3 Release Date

In fact, it manages to become airborne. Though All Is Not Alright in Oklahoma was well received, Cinda is already worried about her next pod. The thought of becoming a “podcast Nickelback” makes her shudder. (C’mon, Cinda; they had three hits.) Even worse, the amateur allure of the other cast members of Only Murders in the Building is a potential challenge to her star status.

Poppy offers a podcast centered on the whereabouts of the missing artist Rose Cooper (you know, the one who painted that racy painting of Charles’ dad and posed as Bunny’s mom in earlier episodes). Cinda laughs at the idea. Art? That’s not juicy enough for her tastes. A Murderer Is Needed! Also, she’s grown weary of sitting around hoping opportunity will knock.

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Only Murders in The Building Season 3 Trailer

You’re out of luck as far as trailers go right now, though. We have yet to see any new episodes from season three while filming is still in progress. Stay tuned, though, and we’ll fill you in on any hints or fresh information we find. In the United States, Hulu and Disney+ are the only places to view Murders in the Building right now.

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