Nicki Minaj Dating

Nicki Minaj Dating: Kenneth “zoo” Petty: A Relationship Timeline

Some of Nicki Minaj’s most significant romantic moments have been documented by the media. Following her split from long-term lover Safaree Samuels and rumored affairs with Drake and Eminem, she went on to date and eventually marry Meek Mill and Kenneth “Zoo” Petty.

It’s time for Nicki to reflect on the most significant male figures in her life.

Nicki Minaj Dating

Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth “Zoo” Petty are now expecting their first child together. They started dating in December of 2018 but have known one other for years; they were childhood sweethearts.

Since Kenneth is a registered sex offender for a rape conviction in 1995 and a murder conviction and a seven-year prison sentence for manslaughter in 2002, some of Nicki’s fans have expressed surprise at her relationship with him.

Previously, Nicki told her Twitter followers that she dated Kenneth when they were teenagers, despite the fact that she and her best friend “TT” at the time disliked each other.

To her devotees, she declared: “Truth be told, we’ve always felt this way about each other. Before the big ol’ buttocks, he was all over me.

That was before I became famous and wealthy. I had a fight with my boyfriend because I refused to be his girlfriend. Ever the little braggart, he. The importance of timing cannot be overstated “.

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Who is He, Anyway? When They Started Making Rap Music: 2004–2014

When Nicki joined the rap group Hood stars in 2002, she was introduced to Safaree, her future husband. It took two years for her feelings toward her bandmate to develop, and although things started off looking like a fairytale, their relationship eventually descended into a tornado of ruin.

Nicki claims her boyfriend punched her in the face during an argument they had in a Dallas hotel in 2011. Later that year, though, it was reported that the rappers were engaged after Nicki was seen wearing an enormous diamond ring, so it appears that the fight was forgotten.

After breaking up in 2014, the two began feuding openly in front of the public. After accusing her ex of lying and blackmail on Twitter, the rap star promptly erased the posts. Safaree then poked fun at his ex’s musical output by claiming authorship.

After initially supporting Nicki, he later switched sides and filed a lawsuit against her, claiming he was responsible for most of the content of her record and deserving of a large sum of money.

Even though Safaree had withdrawn his accusations by 2017 at the latest, the dispute continued. Safaree, following a series of interviews and profane outbursts in public, took to Twitter to detail an incident in which Nicki chased him with a knife and stabbed him.

Whether or not this is accurate, it’s best that they’ve finally ended their poisonous connection.

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While they haven’t come out and said they’re dating, Current and Nicki haven’t been shy about professing their love for each other, either. Both have said they are best friends, but Nicki’s sexy lap dance in “Anaconda” speaks volumes about their true friendship.

In, the rapper’s tweet, “I’m dating a rapper,” caused a frenzy among the couple’s fans “Sure enough, that’s the truth.

We recently got married, and the happy couple is Drake and me. Not wasting any time, Drake tweeted, “Do not stare at Mrs. Aubrey Drake Graham, aka Nicki Minaj, for too long. Now that we’ve reached this point, I can claim her as my own. Nicki Minaj told a fan who inquired.

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“How about a little Eminem romance?

Nicki Minaj Dating

Nonetheless, she joked that they would have to meet in the studio for their first date. Adore him a lot.

On the upcoming Queen album, who do we need you? They spent some time playing coy with their fans about their relationship status. Things eventually turned out well. ‘Majesty,’ from the couple’s album, Queen, was released this year.

Unlike some of her other relationships, this one has lasted, and they are still good friends despite only dating for a few months.

Photograph from Getty Images. High Temps For Money. Learn from Billboard. Dates are subject to change. Nicki Minaj has tied the knot.

Minaj had previously hinted in September that she would be leaving the profession to create a family, and in a recent interview with The Shade Room, she discussed Minaj’s recent marriage to Petty and the completion of the necessary papers.

Here are five things to know about Nicki Minaj’s husband, Tom Petty, who is relatively unknown to the public outside of his legal difficulties and his rumored childhood romance with Minaj in Queens.

Petty’s official name in the government is Kenneth, but he goes by Zoo while online. Before Nicki’s rap career took off, when she was still a teenager (16), she and Zoo began dating. He claims to yearn for it once more.

Petty, who is now an adult, was convicted of attempted rape while she was a teenager. A final sentence of 18–54 months in jail was imposed on him.

If Internet, however. On Was Oct., Nicki Minaj announced her engagement. Matching presents were revealed in the corresponding clip, “Mr. Term of the Search Sign Up For The Billboard.

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