Millie Bobby Brown Is 'Ready to Wrap Up' Stranger Things

Prior to Shooting Final Season, Millie Bobby Brown Declares She Is ‘Ready to Finish Up’ ‘Stranger Things’

Millie Bobby Brown is ready to forget about Hawkins.

The 19-year-old Emmy Award nominee said in an interview with Seventeen that she’s “very ready” to leave her Stranger Things role behind. She was talking about getting ready to film the fifth and final season of Netflix’s nostalgia-driven sci-fi show, which debuted in 2016.

“I’m ready to come to an end. I think that a lot of the story has already been told, “she told me. “We’ve known about it for a long time. But I’m very ready to close this part of my life and start something new.”

Millie Bobby Brown Is 'Ready to Wrap Up' Stranger Things

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“I can tell my own stories that are important to me and keep my attention on the bigger picture. But I really appreciate [the show]; “added Brown.

Brown’s big break came when she was 12 and was cast as Eleven, a telekinetic child who escapes from a government testing facility where she was being used by researchers to get to a portal to an alternate dimension called the Upside Down.

Matt and Ross Duffer, who made Stranger Things, had said before that the wait for season 5 “should be quite a bit shorter,” since the COVID-19 pandemic delayed season 4 and gave them a lot of time to plan out the last episodes. The fifth season is set to start filming in June 2023.

Millie Bobby Brown Is 'Ready to Wrap Up' Stranger Things

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In an interview with TVLine, they also said that season 5 will probably have a time jump. This is because the show’s stars have grown so much since it started in 2016.

Ross said, “I’m sure we’ll do a time jump.” “We would have liked to film [seasons 4 and 5] right after each other, but that wasn’t possible. So, we’ll talk about all of these things with our writers when we open the room.”

Brown will be in the upcoming movies Damsel and Anthony and Joe Russo’s The Electric State. He will also be in the last season of Stranger Things.

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