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Master of the Universe: Revelation Season 2 Release Date, Trailer And Expected Plot

The trailer for the Netflix hit “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” promises a clash of the titans. From November 2021, Tel 2 will finally continue with He-Man and Co.

After only five far too short episodes, Season 1 of “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” on Netflix was over. The revival of the cult series left you with a violent cliffhanger. But fans can breathe a sigh of relief because the 2nd part, which expands the 1st season by five more episodes, awaits you in November 2021.

So the end of episode 5 will soon be cleared up. The new impressive trailer shows what you can expect. We will tell you when part 2 of “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” will appear exactly and how the exciting story will continue.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2: When Will It Release?

“Masters of the Universe: Revelation” Part 2 has, of course, already been officially confirmed, and now Netflix has also revealed an exact start date for the new episodes. On November 23, 2021, it continues with Teela, He-Man, and Co.

“Masters of the Universe: Revelation” Season 2: Trailer

The new trailer shows you what happens after the cliffhanger of the first part. Skeletor wants to wrap Eternia in darkness. But, as always, he did the math without the Masters of the Universe.

This way, you find out that Prince Adam survived and who is responsible for saving him. Not only that: He-Man is stronger than ever and lets his fists speak in the fight against Skeletor.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2: Plot

Part 1 ended with a huge cliffhanger. Skeletor killed Prince Adam (apparently) after he had just returned from Preternia and took the sword of power for himself. Now Skeletor is the Master of the Universe, the so-called Skelegod.

Of course, Part 2 will mainly be about how Teela and Co. defeat Skeletor and save Eternia. But the fate of Prince Adam, in particular, remains uncertain. His injury was fatal, but we didn’t see him die, so everything is still open in the series world.

“Masters of the Universe: Revelation” already proved in the first episode that you are ready to sacrifice He-Man, but a second and final death is unlikely. Right now, when Prince Adam has given up his place in Preternia and can never return, his end would be too cruel.

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