marie aristocats net worth

Marie Aristocats Quotes: Here Are the Best Quotes from Aristocats that Will Make You Wish You Were a Cat.

I am aware that the name “Taylor Swift” in conjunction with the phrase “cats” may induce terrifying flashbacks to the musical turned movie/horror show Cats, so I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the topic of this conversation is actually Taylor Swift’s actual, physical cats.

Tay- Benjamin Button is a Scottish fold, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson are both Scottish folds, and Tay’s third cat is a Ragdoll named Benjamin Button. Since 2011, she has been a mother to Meredith, and since 2014, she has been a mother to Olivia. Benjamin joined the Swift family in 2019, making him the newest member.

The Disney Family Owns a Relatively Insignificant Portion of The Business

According to Just Richest, the family has a net worth of approximately 130 billion dollars. The estate is consisting of holdings, investments, and real estate, all of which have been parcelled out to individual members of the family. Before it was put up for sale in 1998, Walt Disney’s former mansion in the Holmby.

Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles was estimated by The Wealth Advisor to be worth $8.5 million. In addition, the family had a vacation home in Palm Springs, which they recently sold for $900,000.

marie aristocats net worth

However, despite the enormous wealth they possess, it is reported that the family only has influence over three percent of the business. The majority of the family members have chosen not to work in the film industry and instead have focused on charitable work.

And within the Disney family, there is no one whose name is more well-known in the field of philanthropy than Abigail Disney, who is the grandchild of Roy Disney. She is surpassed by Wealthy Gorilla, who has a net worth of 120 million dollars.

She claimed that being born into money gave her an inferiority complex, and she has had to learn how to fight it (via The Cut). Despite the fact that she was born into money, she has had to learn how to overcome it.

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The Disney Family Has Fought Over Money

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the youngest daughter of Walt Disney, Sharon Lund, gave birth to twins who have become involved in a feud that has lasted for a number of years.

Michelle and Brad Lund, who are twins, fought bitterly with one another over their trust money, which was worth $400 million. The bequest was to be paid out in one single payment at the ages of 35, 40, and 45 according to the terms of the arrangement.

However, in an unexpected turn of events, the trustees distributed the money to Michelle but not to Brad. According to Inside the Magic, Sharon’s son had been engaged in a shockingly protracted legal battle for his freedom and a whopping two hundred million dollar inheritance.

Even though he has been required to demonstrate in court a number of times that he does not have Down Syndrome, the trustees of his trust fund have argued that he is not mentally capable of handling his own finances because they believe he has Down Syndrome. This is despite the fact that he has been required to prove that he does not have Down Syndrome.

marie aristocats net worth


Despite all of the family drama, the Disney film has witnessed a resurgence in momentum on the stock market. This has been helped by the debut of Disney+, the company’s very own streaming service ( per Business Insider).

In addition, the corporation has just acquired Fox and is also attempting to obtain a stake in Hulu. Children all throughout the world continue to have the courage to dream and eagerly anticipate the day when they will be able to visit “the happiest place on earth.”

Marie Aristocats Quotes:

1. “O’Malley: One magic carpet coming up.

Duchess: That’s a magic carpet?

[O’Malley then jumps on the hood of the milk truck and it screeches]

Milkman: SACRE BLEU!

Milkman: SAPRISTI! Stupid cat! Brainless lunatic! [starts his truck].”

– ‘Aristocats’.

2. “Duchess: Berlioz, come back here. Haven’t you forgotten something, darling?

Berlioz the Kitten: Thank you, Miss Frou-Frou, for letting me ride on your back.

Frou-Frou: You’re quite welcome, young man.

Berlioz the Kitten: How was that, Mama?

Duchess: Very good, darling. That was very nice.”

– ‘Aristocats’.

3. “Thomas O’Malley: You know something? I like Uncle Waldo.

Duchess: [laughs] Especially when he’s marinated.”

– ‘Aristocats’.

4. “Scat Cat: Everybody wants to be a cat / Because a cat’s the only cat who knows where it’s at.

Thomas O’Malley: Tell me! Everyone is picking up on that feline beat / ‘Cause everything else is obsolete.

Scat Cat: Strictly high-buttoned shoes.”

– ‘Aristocats’.

5. “Duchess: Monsieur O’Malley, you could have lost your life.

Thomas O’Malley: So I have a few to spare. Nothing.”

– ‘Aristocats’.

6. “Berlioz the Kitten: We were just practicing biting and clawing.

Duchess: Aristocats do not practice biting and clawing, and things like that. It’s just horrible.”

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