march of the machines release date

“The Rise of The Machines”: MTG’s March of The Machine Redefines the Game

With the release of March of the Machine in 2023, Wizards of the Coast will make big changes to the Magic: The Gathering Multiverse.

The Phyrexian Multiverse war is over, and the Standard-legal MTG set March of the Machine is the last piece of the puzzle (MOM). The story arc started with Dominaria United and will end with a big change to the Magic Multiverse that will affect future games and sets. After the MOM set, there will be an epilogue micro set called March of the Machine: The Aftermath (MAT). This will tie up any loose ends in the story and set up the next sets.

MTG March of The Machine Date of Publication

March of the Machine’s global tabletop release date is April 21, so after a week of prerelease events from April 14–20, it will be fully available on paper. The set will be available digitally on April 18 for those of you who play Magic Arena or Magic Online.

Those are the most important March of the Machine release dates, but we also know when spoiler season for the set will begin. From March 29 to April 4, we’ll be showing you previews of new cards, so be sure to check back then. We’ll show you all the best cards as they “march” in.

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Spoilers for ‘March of The Machine’

Even though the cards won’t be out for a few months, a lot of March of the Machine spoilers have already been shown. First of all, there are a lot of MTG cards that show legendary creatures who would normally hate each other working together.

march of the machines release date

We also have a couple of new big names who have been hurt by competition, and more are sure to come. The Theros god Heliod has become Phyrexian, which Wizards say means that the people who worship him have been corrupted. And Omnath, who everyone loves, gets his fifth color and becomes a Phyrexian. Omnath, Locus of All has an interesting take on ramping and drawing cards, and this two-sided Heliod makes everything look good and lowers its cost.

march of the machines release date

We also have reprints of the classic MTG land cards that give you an extra life. These cards show a variety of planes that look a bit worn out.

march of the machines release date

Then you can look at a few regular MTG cards. There is also a new Chandra planeswalker called Chandra, Hope’s Beacon, who can copy all of your spells in addition to her other abilities. Then there’s the expensive black spell Breach the Multiverse, which lets you mill your opponents and then steal their best cards from their graveyards.

march of the machines release date

The set symbols and booster packs for March of the Machine give some information about the set. The main set symbol looks like Elspeth’s sword going through the Phyrexia symbol, while the Commander set symbol is the big bad Elesh Norn. The MTG Planeswalkers Teferi and Chandra play a big part in the set’s packaging, along with characters from just about every modern plane you can think of.

march of the machines release date

March of The Machine: Story

Mark Rosewater, the head designer of MTG, has said that March of the Machine will bring about big changes that will change both how Magic: The Gathering works and how its story is told. There is even a mini set planned just to show how “the very fabric of the multiverse has fundamentally changed.” No matter how the fight goes, whether the Phyrexians take over whole planes or are easily crushed, MTG March of the Machine will not be a typical Magic set.

The main plot points of March of the Machine are almost certain to happen: The Phyrexians have built Realmbreaker, which is their version of the Kaldheim world tree. It will let Elesh Norn command them to break into different planes and attack the whole multiverse at once.

march of the machines release date

But it looks like the good guys will also use these portals to fight the Phyrexians as one big army, making this a bigger Avengers Assemble moment than War of the Spark. At the moment, we don’t know who will make it through the war and if the multiverse will stay connected afterward. Plus, you have to worry about the new evil league of completed planeswalkers.

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The Mechanics of March of The Machine

We now know a little bit more about how MTG March of the Machine works. Battles, a new type of card, was first shown on the Atraxa card in the All Will Be One set. Not a subtype like Sagas, but an entirely new type of card, like Planeswalkers. We still don’t know much about them, but we do know that Battles are two-sided cards, and that one will be in every March of the Machine pack. Wizards have shown us art for a cycle of “Invasion” cards, so it’s possible we’ve already seen these.

march of the machines release date

The March of The Machine Commander

With March of the Machine, there will be five commander decks, and the Planechase game type, which was a fan favorite before, is coming back. During a Magic game, Planechase lets you travel through the multiverse and land in new places with different effects. There will be five new Planechase cards and five reprints in each new commander deck. The names of the Commander products (and the colors they go with) are as follows:

  • Ask for help (red, green, or white)
  • Charge of Cavalry (white, blue, and black)
  • Divine Call (blue, red, and white)
  • The threat is growing (white/black).
  • Tinker Time (green/blue/red)

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March of The Machine: Tha Aftermath

Wizards of the Coast seems to really want to stress one thing about this set: March of the Machine has consequences. So many, in fact, that it seems like a separate Standard-legal set would be needed to cover them all.

march of the machines release date

That’s March of the Machine: The Aftermath, a “micro set” that will come out on May 12, 2023. It will be sold in packs for collectors and small packs with only five cards that are called “epilogue boosters.” The most important thing to know about this set is that it is smaller and doesn’t have any Common cards. Instead, it only has Uncommon, Rare, and Mythic cards. The WPN website says in a cryptic way that players will “Rebuild the Multiverse while building up your collection” with this set.

So far, only The Kenriths’ Royal Funeral from the Aftermath set has been shown. Will and Rowan’s parents have died. This will probably have an effect on the MTG Wilds of Eldraine set that will be released later this year.

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