Lucky Hank Release Date

Lucky Hank Release Date Announced: Get Ready to Experience Latest Creation!

Bob Odenkirk, who played Slippin’ Jimmy McGill, is coming back to AMC with Lucky Hank. Better Call Saul ended less than a year ago. In a brand-new series, the well-known actor faces a different kind of existentialism. Trading cartels and flashy suits for a financially struggling institution with a more middle-American style.

Also, Odenkirk is at the top of his game in the mid-life crisis story as the perfect chronicler of life’s absurdities seen through the eyes of a cranky but hilariously self-aware professor. No matter where you see Odenkirk on TV, you should never just take him for granted. Here is what we know about Lucky Hank, the new AMC show, and the project that Bob Odenkirk is working on.

AMC has joined the trend with their new drama-comedy show Lucky Hank, which is based on a single book instead of the usual book series or trilogy. The streaming service spent a lot of money to get a big-name cast and crew for their new show to help make sure it will be a hit. Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming Lucky Hank show on AMC.

Lucky Hank Release Date

If you can’t get enough of Bob Odenkirk and can’t wait to see him in a different kind of comedic role, you won’t have to wait long. AMC has announced that the first episode of Lucky Hank will air on March 19 on its TV network, AMC Plus, BBC America, IFC, and Sundance TV.

The first episode of the show was shown at a special screening at the South by Southwest Film Festival on March 11. There will be eight episodes of Lucky Hank. Check out our review of Lucky Hank before the show starts.

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The Story of Lucky Hank

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book Straight Man by Richard Russo, the show will show how the main character, William Henry Devereaux Jr., spends his days. Devereaux is a rough person who says he was born an anarchist. He doesn’t want to be the head of the English department at a college in Pennsylvania’s “rust belt” that doesn’t have enough money.

In the show’s 15-second teaser trailer. We don’t see much. All we get is a close-up of Odenkirk’s beard while his voice-over tells us a little bit about his character’s personality “I’ve always been hard to get along with. I specialize in minor strife and insignificant irritation. I’m in that lane.”

Lucky Hank Release Date

From this, we can tell for sure that his character won’t ever try to take the easy way out. The short teaser trailer ends with a shot of a goose walking in front of Devereaux’s office door. Fans of the book will recognize this as a bit of foreshadowing.

As Devereaux’s frustrations grow, we’ll see him go through a full-blown midlife crisis. During this time, he’ll be struggling to keep his job, get more money for his department (which he does by threatening the goose’s life to get the money), and keep his marriage together.

Lucky Hank Release Date

All of this also affects his wife, Lily Devereaux, and makes her think about the choices she has made in her life. She is also trying to keep their daughter Julie on the right path for her own life. The plot seems to be a funny mix of annoying situations, misunderstandings, threats, and mischief.

Lucky Hank Cast

The role of Saul Goodman that Bob Odenkirk played in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul will always be linked to him. Odenkirk did a great job of making a character who was seen as a complete scumbag in the original series into a tragic figure. This makes William Henry Devereaux Jr.’s next turn as Lucky Hank’s leading man interesting.

Lucky Hank Release Date

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Who Are the Creators of Lucky Hank?

The movie Lucky Hank is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book Straight Man, which came out in 1997. The book was turned into a movie by Aaron Zelman and Paul Lieberstein, who also run the show. Zelman is a TV writer and producer who has been nominated for an Emmy.

He is best known for his work on Law & Order, Criminal Minds, and Damages. He also made the TV show Resurrection for ABC. Lieberstein is an actor, screenwriter, TV director, and TV producer. He is best known for his role as Toby Flenderson on The Office, which was a huge hit.

Lucky Hank Release Date

He was also in charge of the show from the fifth to the eighth season. As a writer and producer, he is best known for his work on the sci-fi sitcom Ghosted and some episodes of Space Force. The series is led by Daniel Attias (Homeland), Jude Weng (Black-ish), and Peter Farrelly (Loudermilk).

How and where can I see Lucky Hank?

AMC says that BBC America, IFC, and Sundance TV, along with AMC TV and the AMC Plus streaming service, will all show the first episode of Lucky Hank on Sunday, March 19. Before the TV premiere, the pilot episode was shown at the South by Southwest Film Festival on March 11. Lucky Hank will be broken up into eight parts. Each episode should be 40 to 60 minutes long.

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Watch The Lucky Hank Trailer

Watch the official trailer for the new AMC show to get ready to meet Lucky Hank. It shows that college professors can be just as moody and petty as their students:


Lucky Hank stands out from other shows because of its sharp social commentary and over-the-top language that serve as a wonderful ode to mediocrity. Under the direction of Peter Farrelly, some of it is funny, some of it is very sad, and a lot of it is dry.

The strange drama-comedy about a workplace will make people giggle one minute and laugh out loud the next. Not to mention being charmed by a group that goes so well with Odenkirk’s raw, nuanced, and sincere honesty.

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