ChatGPT on Smartwatches? Yep, It’s a Thing (And It’s Useful!)

Smartwatches with Chat Gpt? It Is a Thing, and It Is Useful!

Experts say that putting artificial intelligence (AI) on your wrist could be a good thing.

Petey, which used to be called watchGPT, is a new app for Apple Watch. The voice assistant lets you use your wrist to talk to a large language model (LLM) chatbot that writes text that looks like it was written by a person.

In an email interview with Lifewire, tech investor Kevin Miller said that AI chatbots can be helpful in smartwatches because they make it easy and quick to get information and services. “With a chatbot on their smartwatch, users can quickly get answers to their questions or do tasks, like making a reservation or ordering food, without having to pull out their phone or computer.”

Ai App for Smartwatch

The new Petey app (which used to be called watchGPT) says that the Apple Watch will finally be able to access information from all over the internet. Many people say that Siri, the built-in smart assistant, isn’t very helpful most of the time. The Franchise 09, a user on Reddit, recently didn’t hold back when he or she said bad things about Siri.

ChatGPT on Smartwatches? Yep, It’s a Thing (And It’s Useful!)

The Franchise 09 wrote on the forum, “There are so many problems, from basic voice recognition and understanding what I’m saying to it not being able to do even a third of what other voice assistants can do.” “She isn’t very good at anything. I can see that I’m getting frustrated when she messes up basic core commands or doesn’t understand simple sentences. She can’t even do the most basic things well.

Today, I asked her to remind me to get a COVID booster on Friday. Instead of making a note of it, she looks up COVID boosters on the web. I had a Galaxy Note 9 for a while, and Google Assistant is so much better than Siri that it’s the only thing I miss about it.”

There are other AI smartwatch apps besides Petey. Citizen just released its new CZ Smart smartwatches, which have an AI built-in “counselor for self-care. “The new proprietary YouQ app was made with IBM Watson Studio and uses NASA technology to show the wearer when they are most alert or tired so they can “maximize their daily potential, “the business said.

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The Citizen watch collects information about the wearer’s habits, such as Alert Scores, chronotype, sleep patterns, activity, heart rate monitoring, and CZ Smart YouQ. This information is used to learn about the wearer’s habits and make the watch more personal. The company says that the watch’s dynamic recognition mode will help the wearer fight fatigue and stay more alert.

Artificial Intelligence for Your Wrist

Petey, a new app for the Apple Watch, promises to let you get answers to your questions quickly and write longer messages without having to type. You can also text, email, or post the answers on social media. The app can be made into a complication so that it is easy to get to.

ChatGPT on Smartwatches? Yep, It’s a Thing (And It’s Useful!)

Petey uses ChatGPT, which is a chatbot with artificial intelligence made by OpenAI and released in 2022. It is based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 family of LLMs and can make a speech that sounds like a person’s.

In an email interview, John Licato, a professor of Computer Science and engineering at the University of South Florida, said that the GPT-3 software is so realistic that short-form text users can no longer assume they will know if they are talking to humans or bots online.

“Bots that act like people are probably already taking over online discussion sites like Reddit and Twitter,” Licata said. “Algorithms are writing almost all of the articles, and in some cases, all of them. And programmers are already starting to use tools that write some of their code for them.”

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Miller thought that AI apps for smartwatches could be everywhere in the future. “They can be used to make great virtual personal assistants that help people keep track of their schedules, smart home controllers that let people turn on lights or change the temperature of a room from their wrists, or even health monitors that track vital signs and give personalized advice,” he said.

Students might do better in school if they have AI on their smartwatches. “This technology will have a big impact on every single college class in some way,” Licata said. “And I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that every field of study will be affected by new tools, both in a good (more productive) way and a bad (less productive) way (e.g., for cheating or producing misinformation). Accessibility and scalability are both very good, and OpenAI has kind of opened Pandora’s box with this.”

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