Lil Pump Net Worth

Lil Pump Net Worth 2022: How Hustling Paid Him Off

In September of 2022, Lil Pump had an estimated $8 million in wealth. American rapper, record producer, and composer Lil Pump. His song “Gucci Gang” went viral and made him famous. Also, his hair is dyed in a riot of crazy colors.

The highest position the song reached on the Billboard Hot 100 was number three. Recently, he made headlines after he was arrested following an accidental shooting at home.

Inadvertently, yes. And we scratch our heads and wonder why there are so many gun-related injuries in the US.


Lil Pump Net Worth

In 2016, he released a freestyle on Soundcloud under the name Lil Pump as his first official track. Afterward, Lil Pump released the tracks Elementary, Ignorant, Gang Shit, and Drum$tick.

These tracks all become massive hits on Soundcloud, amassing millions of listens. After becoming a viral sensation, Lil Pump performed at major events including Rolling Loud and No Jumper.

At the beginning of 2017, he would drop two songs, Drose and Boss. Both songs were huge hits, with over 70 million streams between them. More than 145 million people have watched the music video for Drose.

Lil Pump had already proven that he could create successful songs, but he could take his career to the next level by releasing an album. Gucci Gang, the lead track from his upcoming debut album Lil Pump, is scheduled for release in the summer of 2017.

The tune, which peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100, was his first attempt at chart success. One of 2017’s biggest songs, it went on to earn gold and platinum certifications.

In spite of being courted by numerous record companies, Lil Pump remained an unsigned artist during his meteoric rise to fame. After much negotiation, he agreed to an $8 million contract with Warner Bros.

Lil Pump kept the momentum going with the release of Esskeetit in April of 2018; the song peaked in the top 100 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Afterward, Lil Pump released his first top-charting single, “I Love it,” a collaboration with Chicago rapper Kanye West. Lil Pump has repeatedly proven that he has a hit-making skill that few other rappers can match.

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Early Life

Gazzy Garcia was born to a Cuban father and a Mexican mother in Miami, Florida in August of 2000. The pump was raised in a lower-middle-class home after his parents divorced when he was six.

Meanwhile, when Pump was 13 years old, his cousin Lil Ominous introduced him to the artist Smokepurpp. The two would eventually collaborate on music together.

Both Pump and Smokepurpp had their enrollment at many district schools terminated until Pump finally enrolled in a high school for at-risk students.

He was unfortunately kicked out of that school as well for creating a disturbance and engaging in physical altercations with other students.

After putting out hits like “Lil Pump,” “Elementary,” “Ignorant,” “Gang Sh*t,” and “Drum$tick,” the rapper gained initial popularity. Actually, they each racked up more than three million views.

How did Lil Pump amass his staggering fortune of $8 million?

As of April 2022, Lil Pump’s wealth is $8 million. His record deal is the primary source of income for him.

The revenue he earns from streaming services like YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify, however, is a welcome boost to his bank account. If past success is any indication, Lil Pump’s sophomore album, Lil Pump 2, will be a smash.

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Personal Life

Lil Pump Net Worth

The pump was apprehended for discharging a knife in a populated area in February of 2018. His manager claims that three intruders were trying to enter his San Fernando Valley home when he opened fire on them.

When police realized the bullet might have originated inside the home, they obtained a search warrant and returned, where they located a handgun and ammo in an unloaded state below the balcony.

The possibility that Garcia’s mother threatened a minor and/or had a potentially lethal weapon in the home was then investigated.

A few months later, Garcia was detained in Miami for driving without a license. Garcia’s manager said in October 2018 that the rapper was sentenced to jail for a parole violation, but he has not provided any other specifics.

After a Vega gig in Copenhagen, the same year, police found marijuana on Garcia’s person and arrested him. He was banned from entering the country for two years and given a punishment of $700 USD.

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