Larsa Pippen on Realizing She Had Feelings for Boyfriend Marcus Jordan

Larsa Pippen Admits She Was Jealous when She Realized how She Felt for Her “Best Friend” Became Boyfriend, Marcus Jordan.

Larsa Pippen talks about the moment she knew she was more than just friends with Marcus Jordan, who is now her boyfriend.

The Real Housewives of Miami star, who is 48 years old, told PEOPLE in an exclusive interview that their relationship became romantic after she got jealous of him during a night out with Michael Jordan’s son.

“I think it was when we went out one night and there was a girl there. She was trying to talk to him, which made me envious “she thinks back. “It was strange because I’m not usually jealous, but I was jealous about the situation.”

She says, “So then I thought, maybe I do like him after all. That pretty much closed the deal.”

Larsa Pippen on Realizing She Had Feelings for Boyfriend Marcus Jordan

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After meeting through mutual acquaintances at a party in Los Angeles four years ago, the television personality believes the couple “had a solid basis as friends.” The couple has been dating since September and made their relationship Instagram official on Valentine’s Day.

“I do believe that timing is crucial, and we began by simply getting to know one another, and now here we are,” she says.

Pippen, whose divorce from ex-husband Scottie Pippen was finalized in January 2022, also discussed the problems of dating prior to meeting her “best buddy” Jordan.

She explains, “I could never be open and available to different men.” “I would discover flaws in every man… I had all of these peculiar items, and suddenly, lo and behold, Marcus falls from heaven. And I’m like, I like everything about him.”

Larsa Pippen on Realizing She Had Feelings for Boyfriend Marcus Jordan

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Even though the reality star says relationships are “really hard,” she wants to make Jordan happy.

She says, “I feel like I always joke and say, ‘Oh my God, if Marcus told me to dye my hair green, I’ll do it.'” “Because he makes me so happy, I feel like I have to make him happy.”

She also says that she has never trusted Jordan as much as she does now. “The thing about me is that I like to be led in relationships, but I haven’t trusted anyone to lead me until now.”

Pippen also says that RHOM fans will see Jordan “a little bit” on the popular Bravo show.

“I don’t want to put him under too much stress. I feel like he signed up for me, “she tells you. “I don’t think he signed up for the show, but I do feel like we’re together now, and he would usually go with me to events and stuff, so he’d come there too.”

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