Just the Cheese Net Worth 2022: How A Hustling Paid Him Off

Just the Cheese Net Worth

Everyday snacks are getting healthier and healthier as people are looking for more nutritious options to eat on a daily basis. When it comes to nutritious eating, Just the Cheese Snacks is a pioneer.

They’ve taken the idea of a snack cracker and made it entirely out of real, unprocessed cheese. People who want salty, crunchy snacks now have an alternative that’s lower in carbs and higher in flavor.

For individuals who are looking for a gluten-free choice, this gives them another option. It’s also a great option for those on a strict low-carb diet, such as the ketogenic diet.

The reeseville-based company promises to use only authentic Wisconsin cheese in all of its products. Entrepreneur David Sharfman entered the Shark Tank in search of funding to expand his firm in exchange for a stake in it.

Snacks Containing only Cheese

Just the Cheese Net Worth

Only the Cheese Bars Are on The Menu. Crunchy Low Carb Baked Snack Bars, 12 Pack. Cheese that Is Completely Natural. Gluten-Free and High in Protein (Grilled Cheese)
There’s nothing better than the crispy, melted cheese that drips out of a grilled cheese sandwich into the pan.

When you put that into a snack bar, you get just cheese! Our World Champion Cheesemakers in Reeseville, WI handcraft each bar by hand in our family-owned business.
The only ingredient in our product is cheese, and that’s it!

‘Just the Cheese’ was started by David Scharfman, whose father works as a cheesemaker in Wisconsin and whose family has a long history of cheesemaking. David came up with the concept for ‘Just the Cheese’ at the age of ten.

He’d always wondered why grilled cheese sandwiches couldn’t have the fried cheese on the edges. As a kid growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, Paul’s father experimented with making crispy cheese snacks, which became extremely popular before dying out.

When David and his wife tried a comparable cheese snack from a local grocery shop many years later, David immediately realized that his father’s cheese snacks were superior to the store-bought variety.

He quickly quit his consulting position and returned to Wisconsin with his wife, Connie, to explore the notion that would change his life. David re-launched his childhood favorite, the ‘Just the Cheese,’ after several trips with his father.

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Net Worth

“Really impressive. This has happened previously, I’ll admit,” Greiner admitted in the episode. A customer said, “I got it from Amazon.”

This is so straightforward,” O’Leary exclaimed. The Sharks were also interested in sales figures.

Just the Cheese Net Worth

Our launch took place in 2018′′. Scharfman noted in the episode that his company’s first year of operation saw revenues of $3.5 million. According to him, “Year to date, we’re at $3.7 million and there are still four months to go” in 2019.

Scharfman went on to say that his family put in roughly $1 million of their own money to start the business. Each two-bar pack costs around 95 cents to create, Scharfman said, and each one retails for $1.27.

To Whom Are Cheese Snacks Appropriate?

Just the Cheese Snacks are a great option for anyone searching for a new snack that is both healthy and tasty. You can’t go wrong with a cheese flavor that everyone in the family will enjoy. People looking for gluten-free snacks will be pleased to learn that this company is devoted to providing a healthier option in the snack industry.

The best aspect about this snack is that it is made entirely of organic ingredients, making it ideal for anyone watching their carb intake. If you’re trying to watch your weight but don’t want to eat something substantial, this is a good option for you.

Healthy eating has been made feasible thanks to Just the Cheese Snacks, and this has resulted in a huge surge in demand for the product.


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