josh kushner net worth

Josh Kushner Net Worth: Journey of This Celebirty from Bottom to Top!

For This year marks the first time a member of the famous Kushner family has been on Forbes’ list of the world’s richest people. However, it’s not as simple as you may expect.

Josh Kushner, 36, has emerged from the shadow of his real estate mogul father Charles, and his son-in-law and advisor to former President Trump, Jared, thanks his astute investments in early-stage ventures and the sale of a portion of his venture capital firm, Thrive Capital, to a private equity firm.

In May of last year, Petershill Partners, a division of Goldman Sachs, spent an estimated $120 million in Thrive for a 3% ownership.

With this funding, the company’s worth was estimated to be $3.6 billion. Based on Forbes’ cautious 20% private company discount, Josh is believed to own a $1.9 billion share.

Net Worth

josh kushner net worth

As an American businessman, entrepreneur, and investor, Joshua Kushner has amassed a net worth of $800 million. In the month of June 1985, Joshua Kushner entered the world in Livingston, New Jersey. Kushner started the investment company Thrive Capital and serves as its managing partner.

In addition, he helped establish Oscar Insurance. He completed his education at both Harvard University and Harvard Business School. Kushner began his career at Goldman Sachs and in 2009 established Thrive Capital.

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Earlier years

American businessman, heir, and millionaire Joshua Kushner. He is the son of the successful real estate developer Charles Kushner and the co-founder and managing partner of Oscar Health and Thrives Capital.

His brother Jared Kushner is Donald Trump’s former senior advisor and son-in-law. He has a minor financial interest in the Memphis Grizzlies. Kushner was raised in a traditional Jewish household by his parents, Charles and Sheryl, in Livingston, New Jersey.

Kushner earned a degree in economics from Harvard University in 2008 and another degree in business administration from the same institution in 2011.


When Kushner was a sophomore at Harvard, the clothing company Brooks Brothers sponsored a new student magazine called Scene, which sought to be “Harvard’s version of Vogue and Vanity Fair.” Kushner served as the magazine’s first executive editor.

According to The Harvard Crimson, Scene “received a barrage of criticism upon its debut,” with some students even creating a Facebook group called “Scene Magazine is Bullshit”.

To express their disapproval of the publication’s “totally absurd… distorted representation of the Harvard community” and “lack of models who were minorities.”

In the spring of his junior year, he and two graduate students funded $10,000 to create a social network called Vostu. The network’s stated goal was to “fill a hole left by online communities in which English is the lingua franca,” specifically referring to platforms like Facebook.

According to Kushner, “Internet use is growing every year, and technology is rising at a rapid rate,” making Latin America a prospective market for a Facebook alternative and new social networking site.

In 2013, Vostu decreased its operations significantly and lay off most of its workforce in response to a lawsuit filed by a competitor accusing it of fraud, IP theft, and game copying.

A year after graduating from Harvard, he co-founded Unithrive, a startup, with the cousin of Kiva’s president, who was also a Harvard student.

The idea for Unithrive came from Kiva, another peer-to-peer lending platform, but its goal was to “ease the crisis in paying for college” by connecting “alumni lenders to cash-strapped students.

Who [could] post photographs and biographical information and request up to $2,000,” with repayment expected within five years of graduation and no interest charged?

After finishing Harvard, he joined Goldman Sachs‘ Private Equity Group in the Merchant Banking Division, where he worked for for a short time before leaving to pursue other opportunities.

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Relationships and Marriage for Joshua Kushner

josh kushner net worth

Could you tell me if Joshua Kushner is married or single? Here, you can ask him questions and learn about his life and opinions on topics that interest you. Details about the relationship, marital status, interests, and more may be seen in the table.

Some of the things and people he admires most are discussed below. The marital status and other details can be gleaned from the data table.

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