Jay Blades Net Worth : How Income Changed His Lifestyle in Years

jay blades net worth

When asked by the Shropshire Star in 2018 if he wanted to be the “Jamie Oliver of furniture,” Jay said, “Yes.”

“The TV stuff?” he said. I aspire to be Jamie Oliver of furniture, giving back to the youth and the communities I serve.

I like to demonstrate that making something from nothing doesn’t have to be expensive; you can have fun while doing it, because that’s what I like to do.”

Jay has a modern furniture repair business called Jay&Co. when he’s not working on the big screen.

Personal Life

In December of last year, Jay announced his engagement to Lisa Zbozen.

“It gives me great pleasure to share that I got engaged to @lisamariebozen,” he wrote on Instagram. Because we are so thrilled, we wanted to share this news with you, and we hope it brings you as much joy as we do.

jay blades net worth

‘ For a time prior to that, he was romantically involved with Christine Goodman, however, the connection was kept extremely quiet. To his now ex-wife Jade, Jay was previously married.

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Video of the Week

“So I just sat in the car and decided to keep driving.” Wolverhampton was the next town I came to because I needed to fill up on gas.

It was fortunate for me that when I sold some furniture five or six years ago, I had a buddy here (Gerald Bailey) who was willing to help me out.

“I’m going to get you all taken care of Jay,” he assured me, taking me under his wing. You don’t need to be concerned about it. Because of this, he accepted me into the family and treated me as if I were his son.”

jay blades net worth

One of Jay’s workshops is located in an old Victorian Post Office sorting hall owned by Gerald, a friend who runs the city’s Diffusion fashion company.

As a result, it has been transformed into an Aladdin’s cave of magnificent handcrafted fabrics and furniture in varying levels of repair, from newly purchased near-wrecks to renovated signature pieces ready for delivery since then.

“I have this amazing space to work in,” Jay said in 2018. The lighting here is stunning. It’s where I go to get my creative juices flowing. Near the PDSA store in the city center, I also have a second workshop.

Wolverhampton has become my permanent residence. I used to live with Gez’s mother in Tettenhall, but now I have a place of my own in Telford.”

Where does Jay Blades live?

In Shropshire, Shropshire, Jay Blades resides. An interview with The Shropshire Star previously detailed how he came to appreciate the area.

A few years ago, I came to Wolverhampton to heal my wounds. For the most part, everything collapsed. After my marriage and business fell apart, I was left penniless. I gave up my ex-housewives and all of her belongings.

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Jay Blades’ Early Life

Jay was born in Hackney, East London, although his father fathered 26 children in other countries.

While attending school, Jay was diagnosed with dyslexia, which he was unaware of, but went on to study criminology at Buckinghamshire New University as a mature student.

Racial discrimination was a frequent occurrence in the presenter’s life, and he has spoken candidly about it.

During an interview with The Mirror, when asked about being pulled over by a police van at the age of 14, he said:

jay blades net worth

“Five or six uniformed police officers were in the vehicle waiting for me when the back doors swung wide. Nobody even bothered to do a thorough examination of my belongings or my clothing. You guys really beat me up.”

“There were no words to describe how terrible that was. All I could do was curl up in a ball on the floor of the vehicle and hope for it to end. They were beating me with fists, feet, and truncheons. It was only two minutes long, yet it felt like a long time.”

Asked if it was “normal,” Jay replied: “It was, especially in the ’80s.”

In the black community, this was a common occurrence, and many people were surprised by it.


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