Jake Paul Claims America Is the Greatest Country in The World

Jake Paul Gets Ripped to Shreds After Claiming ‘america Is the Greatest Country in The World’

The guy that declared Bitcoin the ‘best investment of his life shortly before it plummeted has copped it on social media after stating the United States is the finest country in the world.

Yes, in a year that has seen terrible mass shootings in schools and the loss of some very fundamental and basic rights for women, Jake Paul feels America is obviously the best country there is.

“America is the best country in the world, no nation compares even when things are difficult,” Paul stated on Twitter.

“Happy 4th and God bless America”

Jake Paul Claims America Is the Greatest Country in The World

People were quite quick to point out that other Western parts of the world don’t contend with the massacre of children at school.

Others pointed out that women aren’t having their fundamental rights revoked in Australia and the UK.

One Twitter user said: “Can’t even pretend the UK stomps on the US, better healthcare, better education system, better standards of living and we probably have far more equality than anyplace else.”

Another added: “I don’t know how exactly to evaluate which country is the best… but maybe start with a country where children aren’t hunted down and slain in schools? A country where black people aren’t being publically executed just for being black. Just a thought.”

A third just went straight for the throat by detailing the challenges faced by the US: “Highest rate of poverty in the industrialized nations. The highest rate of infant poverty in the developed nations.

400 percent more likely to be murdered in the USA than any other developed nation. No healthcare. A child is more likely to be murdered at school than anywhere else on planet earth.” Another simply stated: “Your women can’t even determine what to do with THEIR bodies.”

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Jake Paul Claims America Is the Greatest Country in The World

One person said: “It’s literally free, most areas don’t even have freedom of speech. It ain’t ideal but it’s the closest you’ll get from having total independence which is really essential.”

Another added: “What country do you have more freedom? In no other country do you have the freedom of speech?”

Some just flung a link in the comments to the World Freedom Index, in which the US does not even make the top 10 freest countries in the world.

Paul, though, pushed that tweet out into the universe and just plummeted. Is he trolling us? Or just here to start fights? It’s hard to tell. Maybe he’s off buying more Bitcoin.

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