It Ends with Us Movie Release Date

It Ends with Us Movie Release Date & How Much We Understand About the Adaptation

A movie version of It Ends With Us, a best-selling romance novel by Colleen Hoover, is now in the works, and I have all the information you need to know about it right here.

Even though I spend a lot of time reading, I also enjoy it when movies and TV shows are based on novels I’ve enjoyed. I always make sure I watch the movie version of a romantic novel, no matter who wins the book vs. movie argument.

Even though it was published in August 2016, Colleen Hoover’s novel It Ends With Us has remained a bestseller because of its popularity on #Booktok. Many readers have praised it on Tiktok and elsewhere, keeping it on best-seller lists well into 2022.

One of Hoover’s most autobiographical romance novels, It Ends With Us, was awarded the 2016 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance. The novel was inspired by Hoover’s own parents’ marriage.

What happens in It Ends with Us?

What happens in It Ends with Us?

The movie’s plot is still a mystery, but given Justin’s high opinion of the book, it’s probably true that it will be faithful to the source material. Colleen Hoover’s It Ends With Us follows Lily Bloom, a recent college grad who is trying to figure out her life and her future steps as an adult.

After considering her options, Lily ultimately decides to relocate to Boston in order to launch her own flower shop. Lily meets and falls in love with Boston physician Ryle, but she is soon reunited with her first love, Atlas.

After an unexpected pregnancy causes Lily to face her history, she must make some difficult choices.

The film will almost certainly feature the tired cliche of the love triangle, in which the main character Lily is put in the position of having to decide between her two suitors, Ryle and Atlas.

However, we have no doubt that this film will likewise be an emotional roller coaster with many twists and turns. Fans have praised the novel’s creativity and hope the film stays true to the source material.

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What about an adaptation of It Ends With Us?

Yes, a film adaptation of It Ends With Us is now in the works. Actor and filmmaker Justin Baldoni acquired the film rights in 2019. After initially wanting to direct a film himself, he eventually decided that a woman would be more suitable for the job.

Baldoni is working on the final draught of the script he co-wrote with the book’s author, Colleen Hoover, so progress on the film is in its infancy.

He announced the script’s completion on TikTok in July 2022. The script was originally shown to the fans in July, and they gave their first impressions and suggestions for changes.

We Are the Last of Their Kind Synopsis of the Film: So, What Happens?

We Are the Last of Their Kind Synopsis of the Film: So, What Happens?

Since this is an adaptation, we may hope that the film sticks to the basic plot points of the book, however, we can’t rule out the possibility of minor alterations.

Lily, the protagonist of It Ends With Us, has a seemingly perfect life: she was born in Maine, attended a prestigious university, and now runs her own successful business.

Now a resident of Boston, Lily crosses paths with the dashing neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid. Ryle develops feelings for Lily despite his general antipathy to romantic partnerships.

Lily and Ryle’s relationship is developing, but the memories of her first love, Atlas Corrigan, keep popping into her head.

When Lily’s childhood friend and guardian, Atlas, returns out of nowhere, she begins to question all she and Ryle have built together.

Just how long until we can get our hands on it?

We don’t know yet. Since the screenplay is finished as of the end of 2021 but is still in draught form, 2022 appears quite unlikely. It’s likely that this won’t happen until at least 2023.

Its Star-Studded Cast and Crew

Its Star-Studded Cast and Crew

Since production on It Ends With Us has not yet begun, there is no casting information available at this time. But we should hear something soon. There may not be an official casting announcement just yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate.

These actors will portray Lily Bloom, Ryle Kincaid, Atlas Corrigan, Alyssa Kincaid, Jenny Bloom, Andrew Bloom, Marshal, and the rest of the Bloom family. Actually, Buzzfeed provided us with an engaging activity.

With the results of their surveys, you can choose your cast; they may not be the ones really cast, but casting them is still a fun activity.

Zendaya is our top choice for Lily Bloom, but Josephine Langford won the popular vote. Even while I personally voted for Hollywood’s hottest new actor, Jacob Elrod, to play Ryle Kincaid, the majority of voters went with the more established actor, Theo James. Finally, we gave in to popular opinion over Atlas Corrigan and went for Dylan O’Brien.

Just maybe Justin Baldoni will play Ryle or Atlas. Tell us in the comments who you’d like to play the lead role in this movie.

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