The Crown Season 6 Release Date

The Crown Season 6 Confirmed Release Date by Netflix in 2023!

That settles it! Netflix has officially announced that season six of The Crown will be the last. This news comes directly from the royal family. Initially, that was the case, but at one point, season five was set to be the last one for The Crown.

Thanks are to July 2020, when inventor Peter Morgan had a change of heart, things are different now. If you’re curious about the possible reasons for this, check out his official statement from Netflix.

When planning Series 5, “it became evident that in order to do credit to the richness and complexity of the story we should go back to the original concept and do six seasons.”

Get a cup of tea, settle down, and read on as Digital Spy delves deeper into all you need to know about the upcoming sixth season of The Crown on Netflix.

When will the sixth season of The Crown be available to stream on Netflix?

When will the sixth season of The Crown be available to stream on Netflix?

Netflix has not said when The Crown Season 6 will be available, but based on the release schedules of past seasons (including Season 5), we may expect it to arrive in November 2023.

If and when Netflix announces a release date, we’ll be sure to update this post. The good news is that production on season 6 began in August of 2022.

The show was initially planned to last for six seasons, but creator Peter Morgan opted to cut the sixth season in half so that viewers could get more of a conclusion to the story.

 The Crown, unfortunately, will end after Season 6. Morgan stated, “As we began discussing the plots for series 5, it soon became evident that in order to do credit to the richness and complexity of the story we had to go back to the original concept and do six seasons.”

Currently, all four seasons of The Crown are available to watch on Netflix. On November 9, 2022, Netflix will upload the first episode of season 5 of The Crown.

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Performers in The Crown’s upcoming sixth season

The majority of the actors from the fifth season of The Crown will return for the final season. As a result, we may look forward to seeing Imelda Staunton reprise her role as Elizabeth II, Jonathan Pryce as her husband Prince Philip, and Lesley Manville as her sister Princess Margaret.

The Queen Mother, Princess Anne, Prince Edward, and Prince Andrew will all be reprised by Marcia Warren, Claudia Harrison, Sam Woolf, and James Murray, respectively.

Elizabeth Debicki, who replaced Emma Corrin as Princess Diana at the end of Season 4, will be back for Season 5. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, played by Dominic West and Olivia Williams, will return.

Since Tony Blair has taken over as Prime Minister, it’s unlikely that Jonny Lee Miller will reprise his role as John Major.

In the season five conclusion, Bertie Carvel (played by Doctor Foster’s Michael Chiklis) became the new prime minister, while Lydia Leonard’s Cherie Blair played by her wife became his new vice president.

Since Blair was Prime Minister until 2007, he is anticipated to have a significant part in the series’ conclusion. There will also be new cast members introduced. Prince William and Kate Middleton have finally been cast after an extensive search.

After Diana’s death, Rufus Kampa will take on the role of the future king until Ed McVey takes over in his adolescent years.

Middleton, played by Meg Bellamy, will attend the University of St. Andrews, where she is expected to meet her future husband, Prince William.

Will Powell has been hired in the role of a young Prince Harry, although his supporting cast has not yet been revealed. This is the screen debut for all of these actors.

Theories about the Crown’s sixth season

Theories about the Crown's sixth season

The Crown’s sixth season has a fairly well-defined plot, thanks to the show’s historical basis. The series’ last installment will be dedicated to Princess Diana’s tragic passing.

The series will depict the events leading up to and following Princess Diana’s 1997 death in a vehicle crash.

Since the Princess’s purportedly off-screen demise means the forthcoming chapter will focus on the emotional fallout and toll it took on the Princess’s loved ones instead of the death itself, we should expect to see less focus on the Princess herself.

Season 6 of The Crown will focus on Diana, but it will also explore Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship and Tony Blair’s time as Prime Minister.

As a result, we should expect a comprehensive deconstruction of the early 2000s in the Windsors’ history, along with the possibility of at least one brief time skip.

Despite these time leaps, Season 6 is not expected to focus on the recent scandals and controversies that have enveloped the Royal Family in the previous five years or so.

In an earlier interview with Broadcast, producer Suzanne Mackie had stated that showrunner Peter Morgan wouldn’t take the series until the early 2000s.

The author “cannot write something unless there has been time to develop a good viewpoint,” as Mackie put it. “Peter has articulated it very articulately.”

I think he’s always felt that ten years is the very minimum for putting things in historical perspective and gaining a full grasp of it.

However, given this is the series’ final season on Netflix, there is a slim chance that the show will deviate from this norm (at least in our minds, anyway).

There could be a brief reference to the late Queen, the show’s principal protagonist over all six seasons, or a glimpse into the future, to May 2023, when Prince Charles will be crowned.

No proper series finale would be complete without some reference to the monarchy’s inevitable decline and fall. Whatever Morgan decides, we can guarantee that the sixth season of The Crown will go out with a bang.

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