Is Tom Cruise Single: American Actor Relationship Status with Hayley Atwell

is tom cruise single

As a result of Hayley Atwell’s possible relationship with Cruise, she joins a long list of high-profile actresses who have had intimate relationships with the “intense” megastar. Tom Cruise is a handsome, skilled, personable, and enormously wealthy actor who, in his current “Mission: Impossible” film, still does superhuman stunts.

And so, why shouldn’t his “Mission: Impossible 7” costar, Hayley Atwell, be ecstatic about his being their boyfriend? When they showed up at the Wimbledon women’s singles final on Saturday, Cruise and the 39-year-old British actor sparked long-running relationship rumors.

Tom Hanks and Hayley Atwell “hit it off from day one,” according to a source who spoke to The Sun in December, which broke the story of their alleged romance.

TOM Cruise is secretly dating his stunning British co-star, Hayley Atwell, The Sun can reveal.

The couple was pictured holding hands at a recent London screening, prompting suspicion they are ready to go public with their relationship. After being overheard lambasting crew members for on-set Covid breaches, the enraged celebrity has decided to take an early holiday break from filming to make this admission public.

While filming scenes in Rome and the United Kingdom, he and Hayley, who is 20 years his junior at 38, have developed a close friendship.

Since his divorce from ex-wife Katie Holmes, Tom hasn’t been with anyone for an extended period of time.

On the set of Mission Impossible 7, they have developed a close friendship.

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Relationship status

It’s perilous to fall in love. When it comes to starring men in Hollywood, Tom Cruise is one of the most sought-after.

From 1987 to 1990, he was married to Mimi Rogers; in 1990, he was divorced from Nicole Kidman; in 2001, he married Katie Holmes. His splits drew greater notice as his career continued to rise.

Fans speculated that Cruise’s Scientology involvement was to blame for the breakdown of his 11-year marriage to Big Little Lies star Nicole Scherzinger. He then stated that he wanted to keep the cause for his decision a secret from the public.

I know why we broke up and she knows it too,” he said in an interview with Vanity Fair on the split. We love her, and we wish her the best for our children. And I don’t see why you can’t simply keep going. And I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way. That’s not a compliment in any way. It’s inevitable that things will go wrong, and no matter how much effort you put into trying to avoid them, you will eventually have to confront the harsh truth.

In 2002, Kidman admitted to the same publication that she had “fallen madly, passionately in love” with her ex-husband. “He essentially swept me off my feet… I was completely taken aback.” My entire life plan was thrown out the window when I met him, she said. “This is it,” she said, referring to the moment when she realized that she loved him. That devoured me, and I did so voluntarily.” When we were dating, I was desperate to have a child together. If we were married, it didn’t matter to me.”

is tom cruise single

The Moulin Rouge! the actress had an ectopic pregnancy at the time of their breakup. During their marriage, the now-ex-couple adopted two children, about whom Kidman has tried to be “extremely secretive” over the years.

“Those connections must be safeguarded by me. In 2019, she told Australia’s Who magazine, “I know 150 percent that I would give up my life for my children because it’s what my purpose is.” “They’re grownups. ‘ They have the freedom to decide for themselves. As a mother, I am obligated to love them because they have taken the decision to become Scientologists.

With Holmes, Cruise had a daughter in 2006 after splitting from the Undoing star. Dawson’s Creek’s alum filed for divorce from his wife of the same year.

According to a report in Us Weekly, Kidman had sought out Holmes before their split. After a few years, the star of Batman Begins opened out about becoming a single mom.

In her April 2020 InStyle cover story, she noted, “That time was intense.” With a small toddler on my lap, it was a lot of attention. … [I want] to make sure she’s strong, confident, and able to do everything she sets her mind to. As well as to know.”

Tom Cruise Early Life

is tom cruise single


Mary Lee Pfeiffer (née Pfeiffer; 1936–2017) and electrical engineer Thomas Cruise Mapother III (born July 3, 1962, in Syracuse, New York) are Cruise’s parents.  They were born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, and were of English, German, and Irish descent, as were both of his grandparents. Lee Anne, Marian, and Cass are Cruise’s three sisters.

William Mapother, another one of Cruise’s cousins who is an actor, has featured in five films with him.  When Cruise was a child, he lived in poverty and was raised Catholic. Afterward, he called his father a “dealer of chaos,” a “bully,” and a “coward” for abusing his own children. he explained, “When something goes wrong, [my father] is the type to kick you.

When he’d lull you in and make you feel protected, he’d suddenly smack you in the face. ‘There’s something wrong with this guy,’ I thought to myself. Put your faith elsewhere. Avoid being in his presence.'”

The cruise was born and raised in Canada. He and his family moved to Beacon Hill, Ottawa, in late 1971 when his father became a defense consultant for the Canadian Armed Forces.  His fourth and fifth-grade years were spent in the brand-new Robert Hopkins Public School.  George Steinburg, a fourth-grade theatre instructor, was the first person to introduce him to the art form.

At the Carleton Elementary School theatre festival, he and six other students performed an impromptu play to music called IT.  “The dancing and improvisation were outstanding… it was a great ensemble piece,” remarked drama organizer Val Wright, who was in the audience.  Henry Munro Middle School in Ottawa was Cruise’s sixth-grade school.

His mother abandoned him and his sisters in the United States that year, bringing them back to the United States with her. She married Jack South in 1978, and they had two children.


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