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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson feels fortunate to have discovered love again after his marriage ended. The Hollywood actor told PEOPLE in 2012, “I felt very fortunate to have fallen in love once.”

For the second time? In my current situation, it would be challenging to repeat such an action. That’s one lucky son of a b*tch I am. Who, then, was the lucky recipient of the actor’s undying love? Meet Lauren Hashian, the amazing wife of Dwayne Johnson.

Can you name Dwayne Johnson’s wife?

Lawrence Johnson married Lauren Hashian for the second time. His real-life leading lady is a singer, and her songs “Ride the Wave” and “Step Into a Love Like This” may be found on iTunes.

Hashian told Vydia in 2017 that she has been “consistently singing” since she was a middle schooler, and that her “family and friends” and “great voices and storytellers” are the sources of her inspiration.

Hashian enjoys “maintaining a low-key profile and holding onto privacy and normalcy” while her celebrity husband is in the spotlight. Especially for [daughter] Jasmine,” she continued, “I don’t want to lose it.

Because my husband is constantly in the spotlight, I’m not as comfortable putting myself out there as much. It’s a nice check on our lives that also makes us appreciate our alone time and our “regular” routines more.

Film critics at Cinema Sins have ranked Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s top 10 films, which range from action flicks to family favorites.

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About how long ago did The Rock and Lauren Hashian first meet?

PEOPLE reports that Johnson and she were introduced in 2006, during the production of The Game Plan. According to reports, however, the couple did not begin dating until 2007.

Dany Garcia, Johnson’s ex-wife and the mother of his daughter Simone, and Johnson announced their divorce in 2007.

In an interview with WSJ Magazine, the actor from the film Jungle Cruise stated about Hashian, “Within 30 seconds, I thought, ‘Wow, this girl’s stunning'” (via USA Today).

“At the time, she, like me, had recently recovered from a significant relationship breakup. Interestingly, the universe might seem to take over when you’re not actively seeking anything.

Hashian grew up in Massachusetts.

Hashian is a native of Lynnfield, Massachusetts, a town that is about a half-hour drive from Boston. She continued her education with a BA in communications and public relations from Emerson University.

According to what Hashian told Coveteur, she received a music prize when she was in college.

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Keep scrolling to relive some of the sweetest moments from Johnson and Hashian’s past.


They initially met in Boston, where Johnson was based while filming The Game Plan, in which he played Joe Kingman.


After meeting for the first time, it took Hashian and Johnson a full year to start dating. The business and success conclusions are highlighted, but neither Lauren nor my daughter Simone is.

“I always like making sure we find the balance and my personal life is in there,” Johnson previously told Esquire. “That includes me, Lauren Hashian, and our daughter.” The better half must be involved.

I don’t know what to do with all the great stuff and professional advancements I’ve gotten. Without a solid foundation provided by family, no one can succeed.

As of right now, in December 2015

There are currently three persons living there as of this writing. Us Weekly confirmed the couple’s pregnancy in December 2015, after months of speculation. A few days prior, Hashian had joked that she hoped their daughter “wouldn’t weigh 20 pounds.”

April 2018

Another minor good has occurred. The actor from Rampage announced the arrival of his second child on Instagram in April of 2018. Body-to-body contact. A feat of our magic.

Incredibly grateful and overjoyed to have brought out yet another courageous female child. Tiana Gia Johnson came out rocking, just like her mom, @laurenhashianofficial “He penned some words next to a picture of his daughter.

After witnessing @laurenhashianofficial and all mothers and women in the world deliver baby Tia, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude, admiration, and respect for them.

June 2018

Johnson was there for his leading woman as she was taking care of Tiana in the hospital. Johnson took an Instagram selfie while feeding Hashian noodles and captioned it, “I’ll handle this business.”

I’m cooking dinner for the family while @laurenhashianofficial tends to baby Tia. As for me, that’s not a problem. Those mothers, along with all the others who are holding things down, deserve a lot of credit and gratitude.

July 2018

Johnson, who refers to Hashian as his “wife,” said that he was in no rush to tie the knot with her. In nearly every context, I refer to her as my wife.

He told Entertainment Tonight that people constantly ask him, “Oh, did you get married?” My answer was a firm “No.” Take your time, old man.

May 2019

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Johnson dedicated a heartfelt and in-depth piece to Hashian. “With a baby and a 2.5-year-old, they are constantly attached to her and clinging to her. The Terrible Twos are a blast with Jazzy in charge.

“Hi, I need to eat every three hours, and ideally from your boob,” Baby Tia would say (just like daddy). Management of a group of interconnected real estate assets. steering the national expansion of the family firm, “A piece was penned by him.

Due to my hectic filming and production schedule, my entire family, including the crew and the dog, has to be uprooted and relocated to various destinations across the world at varying times of the year. At the same time as he was making huge achievements as a music producer and songwriter.

Being a talented lyricist and imaginative storyteller, she may find it challenging to hone her craft under the pressures of daily life.

But she manages to do it in an impressively tough way. The best part, and what makes me the proudest, is that Lauren does all this with the friendliest, most approachable demeanor.

In the upcoming August 2019,

In August of this year, Johnson and the composer married the knot, and they shared the news on Instagram alongside two wedding photos. We do, the actor penned. Date: “2019-08-18” Hawaii. To receive as a blessing. PmWiki.

April 2020

The star of San Andreas revealed in April 2020 that the quarantine for the coronavirus had enhanced his bond with his wife. In an Instagram video, he explained, “We drank some Teremana [tequila] together last night.

A toast was made, and then the practice of having children was. You may count on me to lend a hand. I explained to her why I am known as “The Rock” among my circle of friends and colleagues.

August of 2020, near the conclusion of the year

On their first wedding anniversary, Hashian presented Johnson with a copy of her new single, “Step Into a Love Like This.” this is “the most personal and satisfying song I’ve ever written,” she remarked.

Beginning in September of 2020, the year will wind down.

Is the Rock Single

The California native and his wife and two young children went public with their positive COVID-19 tests in September of that year (202020).

I could tell you that this has been one of the toughest and most painful things we have ever had to suffer as a family and for me, too, individually, as you can see from the video I shared on Instagram,” Johnson says in the video.

The news that I and my whole family had tested positive hit me like a tonne of bricks. According to the actor, he and his family are finally starting to feel better after a few rough weeks.

However, he said, I am happy to inform you that everything in our home is fine. We have successfully navigated past that point. Thank God, we no longer pose a threat to others and are now fully recovered from our illness.

May 2021

Johnson texted his wife on Mother’s Day that she “is undoubtedly the KINDEST, WARMEST & HAPPIEST (and toughest) SOUL” and that she “is the shining example to our daughters [who] love and admiration for you is unbound.”

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August of 2021

In an interview with E! News, the singer could not stop gushing about her husband after working on an Olympic campaign for ZOA Beverage. She exclaimed, “He is so dedicated to his career, but he also brings so much fun to our life at home, with his friends, and at his job.”

And he can strategically insert humor.


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