Is Monica Beets Still Married? The Mystery About Gold Rush Star Marriage Status!

Famous for her role on the reality TV show “The Hills,” Monica Beets is also a multi-millionaire. Tony Beets, a gold miner, raised her as his own daughter. In addition to being a famous Canadian miner, Monica is also well-known for her appearances on the show Gold Rush, which aired on the Discovery Channel with her father.

The 7th of November 1993 marked her birth, making her current age 28. She’s accomplished a lot for someone so young. If you want to know if Monica Beets is still married, read on! Monica Beets and her family became famous in October 2014 after being chosen for the reality TV show Gold Rush.

Many families of gold miners in Canada’s far north are chronicled as they go about their daily lives in this compelling drama. Season one of the sitcom debuted in December 2010. Her parents and siblings started watching the show in Season 2, and she joined in Season 5.

Is Monica Beets Still Married?

Monica Beets In a committed relationship with Taylor Mayes, the young miner is currently single. The wedding took place on August 11, 2018, in Dawson City, and only close relatives and friends were invited. The identity of Monica Beets’ husband is a mystery. She had dated fellow miner Brandon Harper before, but things didn’t work out with them.

Even though Parker Schnabel had a thing for her, he and she never went out on a real date. Others have started to wonder if Monica and Taylor are still together. But it appears to be nothing more than hearsay. Even though Monica uses Instagram, she rarely posts photos of Taylor there.

The couple apparently has resolved to keep their romance under wraps. Clearly, the talk of them being split up is not true. It would appear that things have improved between Monica and Taylor. More than 90 thousand people follow Monica on Instagram. The link to her Instagram post is provided below.

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Who is Monica Beets’s Husband?

Taylor Mayes is the lucky man who married Monica Beets. In August of 2018, Monica Beets and Taylor Mayes tied the knot in Dawson City, Yukon. Brandon Harper was another guy she dated. She’s pregnant. In Season 11, she announced that she is expecting a girl. Her daughter has been born.

Is Monica Beets Still Married

Both Monica and Taylor both come from a long line of gold miners. She dated fellow miner Brandon Harper before meeting Taylor. Yet, they were no longer together. They tied the knot in Dawson City, Canada, on August 11, 2018.

Does Monica Beets Have a Child?

Sure enough, a little girl has been welcomed into the world by Monica. Monica and her husband, Tyler Mayes, are proud parents of their first child. While Monica has kept her life as a new mother under wraps.

She did post a photo of herself, Tyler, and their daughter to Facebook on August 14. According to Tyler’s Instagram, the two had some exciting experiences while searching for gold in the Australian desert, but it looks like romance did not blossom between them.

Parker and I get along great, we talk frequently, she went on to say. There is a global pandemic at the moment, but professionally speaking, I hope we do have a working connection in the future.
The only grandchild Tony has right now is Eagan, whose mom is Bianca, despite rumors to the contrary.

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Where Is the Husband of Monica Beets?

Although Monica and Taylor like to keep their relationship private, few specifics are known about them. Count Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein is Monica’s pet. In August of 2020, Monica gushed over her friend Doyle on Instagram, claiming to have known him for seven and a half years and thinking he was great the whole time.

Is Monica Beets Still Married

Monica has been working in the mining sector for almost 10 years despite the fact that she is still under 30 years old, all because of her father’s unbridled passion for the field. At the age of 12, her father placed her in the driver’s seat of a front-end loader and gave her the freedom to make decisions on the job. After Monica discovered the solution, they’d been collaborating.

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