The Eurythmics' Dave Stewart Attends His Daughter's "American Idol" Audition With Her!

The Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart Attends His Daughter’s “American Idol” Audition With Her!

With a performance of “This Tattoo,” which she co-wrote with her father, Kaya Stewart, 23, won over the judges. Kaya Stewart, an aspiring pop singer, recently performed for “American Idol” with the help of her well-known father. Stewart startled the judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie on the episode of the singing competition series that aired on Sunday night when her father, David Stewart, showed up next to her.

The senior Stewart was a member of the Eurythmics in the 1980s, a British pop duo that helped define the decade. He co-wrote a number of timeless tunes, including “Here Comes the Rain Again,” with Annie Lennox, including “Sweet Dreams.”

The Eurythmics' Dave Stewart Attends His Daughter's "American Idol" Audition With Her!

Even though she acknowledged her father’s contribution to her own budding music career in a prerecorded interview, David Stewart didn’t seem phased by the artistic legacy left by her father. The 23-year-old claimed that music has always been a part of her life.

The Eurythmics were a band that my dad was a part of. I attended concerts while still inside my mother at the time I was born since my father was on tour. The “American Idol” audition of Kaya Stewart is below.

The Lifestyle of a musician has always been a part of her life, she continued. Concerning my career goals, there was never any doubt. I had planned to act in that manner from the beginning. Richie reflected on a shared memory of their joint Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction last year in response to Dave Stewart‘s presence.

Perry questioned Kaya’s decision to pursue “American Idol” in light of the “other possibilities and connections” she could access as the daughter of a Grammy winner, possibly predicting the “nepotism baby” discussion that may arise.

As a result of the show, Kaya Stewart remarked, “a whole new universe” has opened up for her by allowing her to “sing my own music.” She then sang the depressing song “This Tattoo,” which she and her father co-wrote.

The Eurythmics' Dave Stewart Attends His Daughter's "American Idol" Audition With Her!

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Stewart will continue to the next round as a result of Bryan, Perry, and Richie’s unanimously favorable decision. But, Perry cautioned her that given her family history, the judges were probably going to “be a little bit more critical with you.” The business is real, and you know that she replied.

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