Is Milo Manheim Single: When It Comes to Their Friendship After “Laguna Beach,” Ex-Boyfriend Stephen Colletti Speaks Out

Is Stephen Colletti Single

He is an American-based actor who was born on February 7, 1986. Is Stephen Colletti Married? He’s not just a brilliant actor; he’s also a talented TV host.

You may question, “Is Stephen Colletti Married?” when you see him. Is Stephen Colletti Married? That’s the question that this article will answer. So, without further ado, here we go.

Do You Know if Stephen Colletti Has a Wife?

Is Stephen Colletti Single

For the time being, Stephen’s love life appears to be rather low-key. If he’s seeing someone, you won’t see it on his social media. The two haven’t started a new romance despite their public reunion with Kristin.

That could still be the case, although reports indicate that they’re merely pals. However, Stephen has been linked to numerous ladies in the past.

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The Love Life of Stephen Colletti

Stephen Colletti is well-known for keeping his private life a closely-guarded secret. As far as his love life is concerned, there have been a number of high-profile people he has been linked to. Lalaine Vergara-Paras, an American actress he dated for two years from 1999 to 2001, is said to have been the beginning of his dating life.

It is Kristin Cavallari, his Laguna Beach co-star, who has left the most lasting impression on everyone’s memory of Stephen and his dating life. After a year of dating, they started shooting ‘Laguna Beach’ in the spring of 2004.

Lauren Conrad, a contestant on the show, repeatedly intruded on the couple’s troubled relationship. The relationship between Stephen and Kristin ended before the start of the season.

After years of flirting, Stephen and Lauren ended up in a long-term relationship because of their mutual chemistry. The second season of Laguna Beach saw him trying to rekindle his relationship with Kristin. She, on the other hand, saw through his ruse and decided to stick by him as a friend.

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As a result, the chemistry between Stephen and Lauren developed over time. They were said to have dated for a year before breaking up in 2005. It hasn’t changed their friendship since that time, though.

Stephen stumbled onto Hayden Panettiere in 2006, after leaving reality television at the end of season two. In September 2007, the couple apparently broke up after a year of dating.

Is Stephen Colletti Single

Stephen’s life remained quiet for the next few years, with no new rumors or related developments. In 2011, he re-entered the dating scene with Chelsea Kane after a four-year hiatus. After a blind date set up by her manager, things got serious between the two of them.

‘Laguna Beach’ star Chelsea says she’s been admiring him ever since seeing him on the show. Unfortunately, after only two years together, their relationship hit rock bottom, and they called it quits in 2013.

She’s also appeared in a couple of episodes of Stephenie Meyer’s ‘One Tree Hill,’ in which they both star. Stephen hasn’t spoken about his love life since then. Fans have no idea if he’s been romantically involved or not, and there’s no way for them to find out.

After Kristin Cavallari uploaded a picture of herself on Instagram on August 5, 2020, his admirers went into a whirlwind of emotion.


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