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There are 821K YouTube subscribers and over 670K Instagram followers for Kevin Samuels, a life coach and dating expert with a devoted following on social media. Thousands of people tune in to Samuels’ YouTube live streams to get dating counseling from Kevin.

Kevin’s advice has been challenged despite his success. After receiving anger for reportedly denigrating Black women and telling them they needed affirmation from men, the University of Oklahoma alum was forced to resign. As proof that Kevin’s strategies work, he shares Instagram messages from others who have had success after following his guidance.

Frequently, people inquire as to whether or not Kevin Samuels has a spouse. Continue reading to learn more about his personal life.

Early Age

is kevin samuels single

On March 13, 1965, Kevin was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He will be 56 years old in September 2021, according to his most recent birth certificate.

When Kevin was younger, he had aspirations of going into the chemical engineering field. At the University of Oklahoma, he earned his degree. After graduating from college, Kevin worked as a business manager and consultant for a variety of organizations.

There is very little information about his parents that is available to the general world. His only piece of information was that he was a child when his parents divorced. Kevin also mentioned that he was closer to his mother as a child.

It’s not clear if he has any brothers or sisters.

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Social Media Platforms

He can be found on the following social media platforms:





Why Is Kevin Samuels Called Pseudo Love Guru?

is kevin samuels single

Kevin made the same error in these purported white supremacy days where racism pervades practically everywhere.
The life coach who apparently betters other people’s lives through therapy has stayed as an object for trolling, all for his “insensitive” words. Kevin’s caustic statements mostly intended at black women prepared the path for criticisms and disdain for him and his professions as well

Thus, people began dubbing him a Pseudo Love Guru.

Is Kevin Samuels Married?

is kevin samuels single

Rumors about the 57-year-homosexuality old’s have been circulating for some time now.
And he has repeatedly denied being gay, putting an end to the rumor.

Returning to the subject of his marital status, he was, in fact, married.

Kevin has two marriages in his life. And in both cases, the marriages ended in dissolution.

Samuels, on the other hand, has not divulged any information about his previous relationships.

For the first year of his marriage, he was married. A daughter was born to the couple in 2001.

Sadly, the pair split up after only a few months of dating. A source tells TMZ that Kevin and his ex-wife share shared custody of their child.
Things are still out in the air in terms of the reasons for the divorce.
Kevin, on the other hand, filed for divorce and declared that he and his ex-wife would be happier as friends.

He discovered love again seven years later with a different woman. They tied the knot and had a happy marriage for three years.

Kevin filed for divorce once more, this time citing “irreconcilable differences.”

Since his first marriage, he hasn’t given up hope.

When asked about marriage, he stated that he would do so again in the future.


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