Is Chris Hughes Single

Is Chris Hughes Single: The Silence Is Broken on Chris Hughes and Annabel Dimmock’s Breakup.

Chris Hughes of Love Island has spoken out about his breakup with Annabel Dimmock, a professional golfer.

They said they were dating in August of last year, but fans started speculating about a breakup when they stopped posting images of each other on Instagram.

Hughes has finally opened out about the breakup, saying that despite his difficulties, he is doing well with the help of his friends and family.

“In this moment, I feel fine. I have a hard time adjusting after a breakup since everything seems new “I was able to get him to talk to The Sun.

“In any case, I’m keeping myself occupied with the gym and my job. I have no set location and am constantly moving around. I’m fortunate to have supportive loved ones close by, so that helps as well.”

“I can confirm they have split and Annabel wishes Chris all the best,” a source for Dimmock told OK! Magazine on Friday (June 24).

Chris Hughes and Annabel Dimmock apparently met through some sort of mutual acquaintance.

Is Chris Hughes Single

After the 2017 Love Island contestant was tagged in a selfie with professional golfer Annabel, he told British tabloid newspaper The Sun, “I met her on the golf course, spent a lot of time together, and yeah, it was nice.” There is no tension between us.

“Since my last relationship, I’ve met a lot of girls and talked to a lot of individuals, but I’ve never gotten that thrill with anyone.” It’s unusual for me to be this excited about someone new.

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The couple apparently started dating and moved in together last summer.

Rumors of a breakup began after the couple enjoyed a romantic getaway to the Maldives in December. Despite continuing to upload photos from their trip to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Annabel stopped including Chris in her photos on December 22.

Fans had assumed the pair had broken up after they went from posting loved-up selfies together every few days to radio silence for months.

For months, behind each new post, concerned fans offered their opinions on the couple’s relationship.

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The former partner of Chris Hughes?

Is Chris Hughes Single
Chris’s most public relationship was with ex-Little Mix member Jesy Nelson after he and Olivia Attwood left the 2017 Love Island season.

Although he supported her publicly while she was going through a tough time in her personal life and while she was promoting her critically acclaimed BBC documentary Odd One Out, which examined the bullying Jesy endured in the group, the couple broke up in 2020.

Chris remarked in April 2021, “It was a rough era in a lot of people’s personal lives and it was for me too, as break-ups are never easy.” Chris was speaking about the effect the breakup had on his mental health at the time.

Yes, it was a challenge. There are instances when two people simply cannot be friends. There have been mornings when I’ve woken up and nothing felt quite right.

Twelve months ago was a very challenging time. I remember vividly the mornings when I opened my eyes and the first thing I could think about was how we had broken up.

I woke up thinking, “I really hope I feel okay today.” I’m hoping I’m doing okay on the inside. To end this vicious cycle, I had to put in a lot of mental effort.

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