Irina Says The "Love Is Blind" Program a "Mirror" That Revealed Her "Naive" Conduct: "Nothing Was Alright"!

Irina Says The “Love Is Blind” Program a “Mirror” That Revealed Her “Naive” Conduct: “Nothing Was Alright”!

Irina Solomonova expressed regret for “mistreating” her coworkers on the Netflix series, saying that “Zack, Bliss, Amber, Jackie, and Micah – none of those people deserved to be treated the way that I handled them.” Irina Solomonova regrets the things she did on Love Is Blind.

After criticism from fans who thought she was acting like a “bully” and “mean girl,” the 26-year-old reality actress apologized on Instagram on Sunday, telling her followers that she was sorry for her “immature and naive” behavior on season 4 of the Netflix series.

Irina’s “From my heart” video, which featured her seated in her homeroom and the text “Sorry this video is a little delayed,” started out with an apology. Prior to responding, I really wanted to take some time to contemplate all that had happened over the previous week.

Irina Says The "Love Is Blind" Program a "Mirror" That Revealed Her "Naive" Conduct: "Nothing Was Alright"!

She said, “I have expressed my regret in private to those I have wronged and abused. “Secondly, I want to say that I’m so, very sorry for the individuals who watched the program and felt irritated, upset, [and] wounded by the way that I was mistreating people on the show — it was really immature and naive of me,” she continued.

I Feel Like being on the show was like having a mirror in front of your face, in the sense of seeing yourself from a different perspective. That opened up so much to me, and I’m still processing and going through everything that happened.

Irina Solomonova specifically called out her castmates, saying: “Zack, Bliss, Amber, Jackie, Micah, none of those people deserved to be treated the way that I treated them.” She ended by saying, “I just wanted to say that I’m still navigating through this and figuring out the person I want to move ahead to be.

Irina Says The "Love Is Blind" Program a "Mirror" That Revealed Her "Naive" Conduct: "Nothing Was Alright"!

But I’m aware that none of those actions were appropriate; even Zack, who was so open and honest with me, suffered as a result of my mistreatment and isolation. The speaker said, “I hope one day I get to share my experience and what was kind of going on emotionally with that encounter, but until then, I just appreciate you seeing this and listening to this.”

When She and co-star Micah Lussier were caught making fun of some of their female castmates, Irina first came under fire during the social experiment’s pod phase. The two received criticism from fans who referred to them as “bullies” and “mean girls”.

Which Was Covered in various stories (Micah has since issued an apology.) Later, Irina’s difficult relationship with Zack Goytowski, with whom she ultimately ended up breaking off her engagement, drew even more attention.

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Particularly when she said Zack looked like a “cartoon character” who was staring at her too much, many criticized her for being harsh to him right away. Irina pushed Zack to pursue Bliss Poureetezadi, his other connection in the pods after the two of them decided to call their engagement off amicably.

But she also admitted that she had affection for Paul Peden, who was dating her best friend Micah and whom she had flirted with in Mexico. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Irina acknowledged that she understood her time on Love Is Blind wasn’t the best portrayal of her character, but she had no regrets about her experience.

She Admitted, “I suppose there were times when I wasn’t my best self.  I’m curious to see how everything turned out and simply to learn from everything so that I can put my best foot forward. “Obviously, we’re being videotaped all day, so there will be instances where I’m not at my best.

Irina Says The "Love Is Blind" Program a "Mirror" That Revealed Her "Naive" Conduct: "Nothing Was Alright"!

The First Eight episodes of Love Is Blind season 4 are currently available to stream on Netflix. The actress said, “I honestly have no evil intentions for anybody at all. So I’m excited to clear things up if there is anything.” Starting on Friday, April 11, new episodes will air.

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