Kehlani Explains Viral Interaction with Influencer Christian Walker

In a Viral Confrontation with Christian Walker, Kehlani Said She Wasn’t Going to Let Him ‘get a Reaction out Of Me’

This is the first time that Kehlani has spoken out since the video of Christian Walker confronting her at a Starbucks drive-thru became viral.

According to Kehlani in a now-deleted TikTak video, she explained how Walker’s behavior toward her and the Starbucks baristas led to the viral encounter in which he got out of his truck and yelled at him for calling him an “a–hole.”

She smirked as she continued, “I wasn’t going to discuss it, but I think we should speak the truth.” “I’m sure you’ve all watched the video by now, so let’s discuss it.”

Walker, a conservative television host, confronted singer Kehlani in the street after she allegedly made a disparaging comment about him to a barista in a video shared on his Twitter account. What are you doing here?

Go get your drink and leave me alone. His line, “Why are you entitled to an opinion and not me?” is a classic example of his argument. It’s you who is the–hole here. You can depart now that you’ve had your drink.”

As described by Kehlani, Walker had been using his phone to record footage of the Starbucks employees and the Pride flags before he began filming them. In the video, Walker can be seen “visibly losing his s–t” over the flags.

That’s what they were saying: “He gets right up there and begins to harass the person behind the order box,” they remarked. This man is about to come up and harass all of these workers, I thought to myself.

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Kehlani Explains Viral Interaction with Influencer Christian Walker

Kehlani characterized Walker as ranting about “these flags from hell” and how “Pride Month finished 13 days ago” in recordings he shared on Instagram Stories on Wednesday. To quote him again: “I’m going to ask them whether or not they need me to freakin’ present an American flag.”

Because Walker was coming up behind her, Kehlani says she informed the baristas—who she says were largely people of color and people who “seem queer to me”—to be prepared for him to yell and record them.

As if they were saying, “Yes, I recognize that youngster.'” For the last 10 minutes she had seen him be a–hole, she thought, “Yeah, he is an f–king a–hole,” she said.

“B—h you’re holding up the line.. ” “b—h this and that” “b—h that” are believed to have been Walker’s exact words before beginning to capture the video.” After Walker called him an “a–hole,” the influencer grabbed out his phone and started filming with it.

Kehlani went on to explain that they were “coincidentally discussing individuals misplacing anger when they’re furious at something else” during their virtual therapy session. When Kehlani and their therapist had an “a-ha moment,” they began to evaluate the event and regulate their reaction to it.

“I know what you’re thinking,” she remarked of Walker. In order to become viral, you need a reply from me so that you can use this as some type of taking on individuals who have my political viewpoint, or supposed political stance, and people from my neighborhood, people like me. “Wow! What a sight!”

That’s exactly what Walker did, and he did it successfully. “This lousy artist that everyone has forgotten about, Kehlani, informed my Starbucks baristas that I was an ‘a**hole’ and to be safe around me,'” the influencer stated in his caption.

I was able to clean her up. When people are disrespectful to everyone, pretending to be woke, and acting like they’re the best, I’m fed up.

“Leftists are coming after me right now because unlike most of the individuals they’re used to bullying, I stand up for myself. These pathetic blue-haired folks ought to be stopped.”

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