Ice-Wife T's Coco And Daughter Chanel Attend Hollywood Fame Walk of Fame Ceremony

Ice-Wife T’s Coco And Daughter Chanel Attend Hollywood Fame Walk of Fame Ceremony!

While Ice-T has many hats to wear, the one at home may be the one he wears best. On Friday, Ice-T, 65, his wife Coco Austin, 43, and their daughter Chanel, 7, attended the Hollywood Walk of Fame event honoring the rapper and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit star.

At the end of his remarks, Ice-T remarked, “Let me scream out my family.” “Along with my kid and daughter and my wife Coco. Obviously [Chanel] has the potential to one day lead from one of these podiums. She is completely at ease onstage.”

With a stylish blue cap and predominantly black and navy attire, Ice-T attended the ceremony with his loved ones. Austin sported a dress with a leopard design on it, while their daughter went for a black sweater and blue dress to match her dad’s outfit.

Ice-Wife T's Coco And Daughter Chanel Attend Hollywood Fame Walk of Fame Ceremony

In any case, she did join her father on stage for his address. On Instagram, Austin gushed, “Very proud of Ice.” “Such a wonderful day!! #HollywoodStar”. Ice Cube, Chuck D, Dick Wolf, and Mariska Hargitay, his longtime co-star on Law & Order, were just a few of Ice’s industry peers that showed out to the celebration.

Hargitay, 59, was one of the event’s few public speakers; she referred to Ice-T as her “genuine deal” and “true blue, sincere, unbreakable buddy,” calling him “the OG of friendship.” “Even though you already know in your bones and your heart just how full the word “friend” is, I’m going to explain it to you nonetheless because it’s so simple and profound and lovely.

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To have you in my life has brought me nothing but happiness “the woman declared. “If loyalty were a person, you would be them. To be honest, you are telling the truth. You don’t sugarcoat things at all.” Ice-T wore sunglasses that he claimed were “not for fashion” throughout his address, presumably to hide his emotions while listening to the heartfelt tributes given by Hargitay, Dick Wolf, and Chuck D.

“Oh my gosh, a star! I never expected that at all. What I mean is, the way my life was going, all I cared about was how much money we could make by stealing from Hollywood “He went on to say. “True trouble was caused by us out here. That was completely out of the question. To pursue a career in the show industry seemed unthinkable.”

Ice-Wife T's Coco And Daughter Chanel Attend Hollywood Fame Walk of Fame Ceremony

He then discussed how his breakthrough performance in Mario Van Peebles’ 1991 film New Jack City influenced his entrance into the acting world and his subsequent path into hip-hop. Next, he addressed the “haters” after praising his friends for being a part of his path that eventually took him to the long-running television show.

Last but not least, he remarked, “I want to thank the mothers——— haters, because you truly make me wake up every morning and be the best that I can be.” “The inspiration to keep going is hearing people say things like, “Look at all the haters, look at all the people who wanted to end my career, and now look at me, I’m on the Walk of Fame.”

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Ice-Wife T's Coco And Daughter Chanel Attend Hollywood Fame Walk of Fame Ceremony

It’s important to take inspiration from your detractors. He went on, “I swear to God, if it weren’t for the haters, I surely wouldn’t have pulled this off.” “Don’t worry, I’ll give you, even more, to dislike in the years to come.”

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