how to delete apps on iphone

I Phone Apps: How To Delete Them

If you’ve ever put too many apps on your iPhone, you may need to clean it up. It’s pretty simple to get rid of apps from your iPhone. And you can do this in two ways with the iPhone. There may be some small differences if you have a model with 3D touch, but it’s still very easy.

Here are the different ways to get rid of apps on your iPhone:

How to Delete Apps on iPhone From the Home Screen

Here’s the quickest and easiest way to get rid of apps on your phone:

  1. Tap and hold the app icon on the iPhone’s home screen. You can also tap and hold an empty spot on the home screen until all the icons start to move.
  2. Tap Remove app or the X in the top left corner of the icon (depending on your device model). If you are editing the home screen and your app icons are moving around, tap the minus sign in the corner of the app icon and then tap Delete App.
  3. Tap Delete when asked to confirm your choice to get rid of the app. Tap Cancel if you changed your mind.

how to delete apps on iphone

You can’t undo the uninstall to get the app back if you change your mind about deleting it. But you can get the app back by downloading it again.

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How to Delete Apps From the App Store App

Only devices with iOS 13 or later can use this option. You can delete apps from the Update screen of the App Store app on these devices by doing the following:

1. Go to the top right corner of the App Store and tap your picture or icon.

2. Scroll down to see your list of Updates That Are Available.

3. Swipe from right to left to find the Delete button for any app update you want to get rid of.

how to delete apps on iphone

4. Tap Delete. Tap Delete again in the pop-up window to get rid of the app.

How to Delete Apps From iPhone Settings

This isn’t the easiest way to delete apps, and most people haven’t thought of it, but it does work. This is a good way to get rid of apps that take up a lot of space on your phone.

1. Open the app for Settings.

2. Go to Settings > General > Storage. Tap Usage if you don’t have an up-to-date version of iOS.

3. Choose the app you want to get rid of, and then tap the Delete App button.

how to delete apps on iphone

4. Tap Delete App in the confirmation menu to get rid of the app.

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How to Delete Apps Using iTunes

You can add apps and other content to your iPhone using iTunes. You can also get rid of apps with iTunes.

1. Put your iPhone in sync with iTunes. You can sync with a USB cable or with Wi-Fi.

2. Select the iPhone icon in iTunes’ upper-left corner.

3. Pick the “Apps” tab.

4. The apps on your iPhone are shown in the left column. Look through it until you find the one you want to get rid of.

5. Click the Remove button next to the app. You can do this for as many apps as you want to get rid of.

6. To sync iTunes and your iPhone, click Apply in the bottom right corner. If you delete apps from your iPhone in iTunes, those changes will also be made on your iPhone.

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