How to Upgrade Your Router's Firmware

Changing Your Linksys Wi-Fi Router’s Firmware Manually!

Router firmware updates are critical for two reasons: security and performance. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last several years, you know that wireless routers have numerous vulnerabilities.

Also, there are always brand-new security problems to deal with.

The pace at which one may access the internet is another factor to think about. We need a quicker, more reliable internet connection as we lay greater demands on home wireless networks. Read on to find out why it’s important to regularly upgrade your router’s firmware and how to do so for maximum network performance and security.

Reasons Why Your Router’s Firmware Needs to Be Updated

Routers can be left to run without supervision, but they are still susceptible to obsolescence. For instance, the maker may have addressed a serious security flaw or improved the device’s performance with updated firmware.

Since your router processes the vast majority of your data transfers, it is crucial that you maintain it up to date. Hackers may easily break into your system through an out-of-date router and take control of anything linked to it.

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Without access to the Internet, how can I upgrade the firmware on my router?

It’s feasible to do so, but you’ll have to manually download the update and apply it through the router’s configuration page first. You may need to reset your router and check the settings if you are unable to access the router’s configuration page.

If Windows 10 is giving you this error, it’s because it can’t connect to your router. If you want to prevent problems with your network, such as a VPN that won’t connect through your router, keeping your router up to date is crucial.

It Makes Sense to Upgrade Your Router’s Firmware

The firmware in your router manages the OS that was developed for your particular router model. If a security flaw is discovered in your router’s current firmware, the vendor may provide a firmware upgrade. Firmware updates are made available to resolve any issues that have been discovered.

Firmware updates can also be issued by router makers to include previously requested functionality, such as parental controls or IPv6 compatibility. New security features that were not included in earlier firmware versions are another possible update.

It’s usually preferable if a router’s maker can improve the device’s overall performance in addition to addressing security issues.


Obviously, upgrading your router is a breeze. You can improve your router’s speed and security with just a few easy actions. As internet use continues to rise, safeguarding firmware becomes increasingly crucial to ensuring users’ privacy and security.

How to Update the Firmware on a Router

Here are some of the most important requirements:

  1. Active Internet connection
  2. Ethernet cable
  3. Login credentials
  4. A laptop or computer

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