how to play minesweeper

How to Play Minesweeper: The Internet Was Shocked when One Woman Exposed This in A Go-Viral TikTok Video.

Minesweeper is a game where players must clear a grid of squares from buried mines. Squares that are not mined have numbers on them that indicate how many other squares touch that square.

By revealing the hidden numbers, you can unlock the game’s solution and win. Your game will end immediately if you activate a mine.

In Windows Minesweeper, the first click is never in danger. With the left mouse button, you can unlock tiles, while the right mouse button can be used to place flags on mine.

Whenever you press the right mouse button again, your flag will transform into a question mark. Opening a non-mined square will reveal an empty grid, and opening the surrounding mine-free squares will continue in a clockwise fashion until you reach a square with a number in it.

Some players may click around aimlessly until they have a big window with plenty of numbers, hoping to win.

Once all mines adjacent to a given number have been flagged, you can chord on that number to free up any remaining cells. Chording entails simultaneously clicking both mouse buttons.

The time and effort you save might be substantial! However, the mines can be detonated by chording if the correct number of flags are placed on the incorrect squares.

First, there’s the Easy mode (8×8 or 9×9 with 10 mines), then there’s the Medium ( 16×16 with 40 mines), and finally, there’s the Hard mode ( 24×24 with 100 mines) (30×16 with 99 mines).

Opening all of the secure spaces brings an end to the game. The number of unmarked mines is displayed on a counter, and the amount of time is indicated by a clock. The game Minesweeper remembers your best time on each level of difficulty.

Introduction to Minesweeper: The Basics

how to play minesweeper

For over 30 years, people all around the world have been puzzled, annoyed, and fascinated by the iconic game Minesweeper. How come people love playing minesweeper?

Maybe it’s the satisfaction you get from solving a problem that seemed insurmountable at first, or the rush you get when you finally click the right box and make it out of the danger zone. It’s exciting either way.

Playing Minesweeper is a fun way to improve your problem-solving abilities, pass the time, and brag about your score to your pals. Those who are sick of being blown up by mines in minesweeper and are ready to learn how to win will benefit from our guides.

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What You’re Trying to Achieve in Minesweeper

The goal of Minesweeper is to quickly locate all of the non-mined squares. That applies to both numbered and unnumbered cells. When a mined tile is clicked on, the game is immediately ended.

Minesweeper can be played on three distinct difficulties. Both the board size and the amount of mine on each board are unique. A few examples are as follows:

  1. Ten mines for beginners. The size of the board can be 8, 9, or 10 squares.
  2. 40 mines for Intermediate. There is some leeway in the size of the board, which can be anywhere from 13 by 15 to 16 by 16.
  3. Professional: 99 mines Both 16 and 30-inch squares are used for the board.
  4. First-time players of Minesweeper are advised to begin at the easiest difficulty setting before progressing.
  5. But if you want the ultimate challenge, skip forward to the Expert level.

What’s the Best Way to Play?

Each round of Minesweeper begins with the player pressing a square. However, there is more to it than simply clicking on a random tile. The objective is to make as many inferences and observations as possible.

Keep in mind that the numbers on the boxes indicate the approximate locations of the mines. There are digits in the form of ones and twos that indicate the total number of bombs in the square’s vicinity.

If the box is in the first few rows, then suggest the “mine” is in one of the neighboring squares. Similarly, if there are two explosives next to it, that means there are two in total.

These numerical cues turn out to be useful all throughout the game. In the end, you want to get rid of the bomb and clear the map.

There have been over 4 million views, 14,000 shares, and over 500,000 likes on the video that has gone viral. It might mean that an additional 4,000,000 people can play Minesweeper.

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Does Minesweeper Follow a Certain Pattern?

For decades, researchers have examined and analyzed Minesweeper’s many patterns. Minesweeper players frequently encounter the 1-2-1 pattern and the 1-2-2-1 pattern.

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Minesweeper’s Various Releases

how to play minesweeper

There are various Minesweeper variants to choose from, each optimized for a certain platform (like Microsoft Windows, iOS, or Android) and varying in difficulty. Variations on Minesweeper, aside from the original, include, but are not limited to:

  • Expert in Disputes During Minesweeping
  • To Play Minesweeper X
  • ViennaSweeper

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