how to fix autocorrect in iphone

How to Fix Auto Correct on Your I Phone

#IYKYK is a popular hashtag on social media these days, which means “if you know, you know.” If not, you can always use autocorrect. Here are some easy ways to fix iPhone autocorrect mistakes.

Type, Type, Type Until You Win

One trick that takes a lot of time is to keep typing the same word over and over. For example, if the word “were” is being auto-corrected to “we’re” when it doesn’t need to be, tap the “x” next to the suggested spelling right before the word is changed. If you do this more than once, the iPhone will stop autocorrecting that word.

Replace Text with a New One

Text replacement is a feature of iPhones that doesn’t get enough attention. It lets you make shortcuts for words you use often and could autocorrect. You can add a word-to-text replacement if it keeps getting changed by autocorrect. Go to Settings, then General, then Keyboards, and then Text Replacement. You can add as many words as you want, and each one will be replaced with the word you choose.

The Big Deal-Breaker

If autocorrect is making conversations hard to understand, you should turn it off completely. Go to Settings, then General, then Keyboards, and turn AutoCorrection off. If you turn off this feature, you might make some spelling mistakes, but you can fix them by turning on the spell checker. You will need to turn on Check Spelling under Keyboards. Spelling mistakes will be shown in red.

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Hit the “Reset” button

This might sound hard, but it’s not really that hard. If you’ve been using your iPhone for a long time, remember that the dictionary is backed up to iCloud. This means that your old typing habits will always stay with you. Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Rest iPhone > Reset > Reset Keyboard Dictionary to reset your dictionary and give your iPhone a “fresh” start. Now, you can show your iPhone again how you want certain words to sound.

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