how tall is peter griffin

Peter from Family Guy — how much does he weigh?

In “Vestigial Peter,” Peter claims he weighs 293 pounds, the same as he did in elementary school. The “poop sequence” in “Spies Like Us” results in Peter losing approximately 50 pounds, from about 330 to 270.

Also, who is the show’s top earner? The boyfriend of Mila Kunis (from “Family Guy”), Ashton Kutcher, earns $750,000 every episode of “Two and a Half Men,” making him the highest-paid actor on television.

With whom does quagmire sleep? Regrettably, in the fourth season’s “The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire,” he had an affair with Cleveland’s wife Loretta. The adultery was initiated by Loretta, yet Quagmire still took her as his mistress. When Cleveland finds out, he immediately divorces Loretta.

Can we get Brian’s IQ score, please?

Can we get Brian's IQ score, please?

Brian has just enough intelligence to pass for smart, but not enough for real intelligence. His use of platitudes like “yada yada Mark Twain whose real name was Samuel Clemens” has been criticized on numerous occasions.

This leads me to believe that his IQ is about average, if not slightly above average. Accordingly, he will receive a score of 110.

Height, Weight 6’1″, 180 lbs
From Grayslake, IL
Class Freshman
Conference Pioneer League

How smart is Stewie?

In one episode, he took an IQ test and got a 70, proving this point. Stewie’s parents are seen to exert a great deal of authority over their son’s life, from the play dates they arrange for him to the toys he is allowed to have and the times at which he is permitted to eat.

What is Peter Griffin’s intelligence level, anyway?

After taking an IQ test in the fourth season’s “Petarded,” Peter learned that his low intelligence is just below the level for mental retardation, putting his IQ somewhere around 70.

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Why do we call him “Brian?”

The name Brian (also spelled Bryan) is an English variant of the Irish and Breton given name Brian and the Occitan surname Brian.

It’s fairly frequent among those who speak English as their native language. The name could have originated with an Old Celtic word that meant “high” or “noble.”

The Family Guy character Bruce’s race has never been revealed.

The Family Guy character Bruce's race has never been revealed.

Both in “Prick Up Your Ears” and “Poltergeist,” he plays a variety of roles, including a Tetris piece and a medium, respectively. In the entertainment industry, he served with Exotic Entertainment.

Tobi, an African-American slave ancestor, is depicted in “Untitled Griffin Family History” being whipped by an English colonist. Tobi’s name is spelled in a variety of ways by this ancestor.


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