Higehiro Season 2

Higehiro Season 2 Release Date: Everything You Need to Know!

Among anime viewers, “Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway” ranks high. The manga series, authored by Shimesaba and illustrated by Bogota, served as the basis for the anime.

It’s simple to see why Season 2 of Higehiro has fans excited. Regrettably, the renewal of Higehiro for a second season has not yet been confirmed.

Due to the current state of the Japanese anime market, however, the production of a second season seems highly unlikely. As of this writing, no one has confirmed the renewal or planned production of Season 2 of Higehiro.

Higehiro’s rising star power belies the fact that the first season of the anime wraps up the bulk of the light novel’s story. The conclusion to the anime is satisfying. There is potential for a second season of Higehiro if the creators decide they want to keep the tale going.

The creator of the anime series Higehiro tweeted, “I will be writing about those ‘different things’ as a spin-off work, so please wait for future announcements!” however Season 2 has not yet been confirmed. Finally, the chapter on Mishima and Gotou may be closed!

Higehiro Season 2 Plot

Yoshida, an office worker, and Sayu, a high school dropout, are at the centre of Higehiro. Yoshida has feelings for Airi Gotou, a coworker. Yoshida, an IT worker, has been rejected by the woman he has loved for five years.

He is returning home when he encounters Sayu, who is sitting alone by the side of the road under the light of a street lamp. When Yoshida suggests that Sayu get home, she immediately asks if she can ride with him.

Sayu stays the night at Yoshida’s house after her attempt to seduce him ends in failure. Sayu wakes up and explains to Yoshida how she escaped from Hokkaido to Tokyo and begged for shelter in exchange for genuine favors.

Yoshida, however, is not persuaded by her attempts at seduction. Given that she attends school and helps out around the house, Yoshida has decided to let the daughter stay. This is the beginning of the beautiful friendship between a shattered adult and a teenage runaway.

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Higehiro Season 2 Release Date

As of yet, neither Project No. 9 nor the author of the original light novel, Shimesaba, have said whether or not “Higi wo Soru” would return for a second season. The key explanation has nothing to do with how well the anime series was received by fans.

Light novel publisher Kadokawa released the final volume of the original series in late June. The series consists of only five books.

Furthermore, the anime series contained the same primary plot resolution as its source novels. But this isn’t the final chapter of “Higi wo Soru,” as Kadokawa tweeted that Shimesaba is working on a couple of spinoffs set in the series’ aftermath.

Given that “Higi way Soru” has already utilized the vast majority of its brief source material, the hope for a second season remains strong among certain viewers.

A new season, or at least enough content for several extra OVAs, could be spawned from the impending side storylines. It’s going to be a while before we see a second season based on the books, though.

The publication of the light novels has not been announced as of yet. It may be significant if they were released this year or at the start of 2022.

Finale Higehiro

When Yoshida’s time with Sayu has come to an end, he has a conversation with her mother and explains to her how she is Sayu’s sole parent. Yoshida’s mission will be completed and he will return to his regular life after that.

Yoshida and Sayu’s tearful farewell is depicted in the series finale. Yoshida resurfaces two years later, after the closing credits.

He’s returning to the place he originally met Sayu, and she’ll be just as he left her. This concludes the episode. We also spotted some brand new faces.

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Higehiro Season 2 Trailer

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