Hawkeye: You Should Not Miss This IRON MAN Reference


The first episode of Hawkeye is finally available on Disney +. And a reference to Iron Man is also found in the first episode.

Marvel and MCU fans were eagerly awaiting it. Indeed, the new Disney + series, Hawkeye, is finally available on the platform. This one highlights the famous archer, Clint Barton, but also makes references to Iron Man.


If you find yourself up to date with the MCU and have seen all of the Avengers, you can continue reading. On the other hand, if you have not yet seen Infinity War and Endgame, we advise you to stop reading at this level.

As you might expect, although the main topic of this article is Hawkeye, we’re going to get back to what happened in the movies. And especially at the end of Avengers Endgame. Therefore, to avoid any spoilers, we advise you not to continue.

If you’ve seen it all before, then you won’t have any surprises when you find out what’s next, including the fact that Iron Man would die at the end of the war against Thanos. But that doesn’t mean Tony Stark disappears.

The character played by Robert Downey Jr., so appreciated by the public, intervenes in flashbacks in several films. Some even believe he could make a comeback through Multiverse Warfare. This “concept” allowing us to mix the universes could bring an Iron Man from another universe other than the one we know. And, therefore, have him reinstate the Avengers in the dimension we know.

But we are still far from it. For the moment, Clint, or Hawkeye, provides for the Christmas holidays. And as we were letting you know, a reference to whoever is the original Avengers was in the first episode of the Disney + series.


It was our colleagues from Melty who spotted this wink. The media recalls that a new heroine is emerging. This is Kate Bishop, who does not hesitate to take up the crazy challenges of her friends. Like ringing a bell from a distance. Indeed, like Clint, she has talents similar to Hawkeye in archery. She, therefore, tries to ring a bell tower several meters away. And if you notice correctly, the steeple in question bears a vital inscription.

Since the name of Obadiah Stane is there. The very first enemy of Iron Man was, to begin with, his partner. He had also removed Tony Stark to try to steal his technologies and design his armor. It is, therefore, the first wink that we can find in Hawkeye. And there is no doubt that it is not the last. As in all MCU projects, or the Marvel series, many connections are made in the episodes.

This has been the case in WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, or What If. That is why, in this new project, we can expect more such anecdotes. We will have to open our eyes wide.

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