Squid Game: High School Students Sentenced To Death For Watching The Netflix Show.

Squid Game Was Originally Called ‘Round Six’ At Netflix! Season 2 Announcement Updates!

For illegally introducing the hit series “Squid Game” to North Korea, a high school student is sentenced to death. A North Korean high school student defied the bans by smuggling the Squid Game series into the country. He would then risk the death penalty by firing squad.


A true global success, Squid Game remains banned in some countries. Among them, we, therefore, find North Korea. A high school student in the government decided to rebel by bringing the series into the territory. To do this, he, therefore, used a USB key from China.

The young man then sold copies of the South Korean creation to sell them to his comrades. Bad idea. Midi Libre explains that “the authorities in Hamgyong province surprised high school students watching the series and immediately understood that it was trafficking.”

“It all started last week, when a high school student secretly bought a USB stick containing the South Korean series Squid Game,” said an officer behind the microphones of Radio Free Asia. He “watched her with one of his best friends in class. “

Several more students who were intrigued heard about it from a friend. “He keeps going. They also handed over the key to them. “What are the dangers that the young man in question faces? The death penalty by firing squad. Yes, you read that correctly. Others have the right to five years of forced labor. Only one of them is doing well, thanks to his well-off parents. The latter paid a bribe of $3,000 to the authorities.


The high school students in question are not the only victims of the “Law on the Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture.” The officer interviewed by Radio Free Asia added that “teachers and school staff have been dismissed.” But that’s not all. According to him, “they risk being sent to isolated mines.” Yes, you did read it.

Squid Game is establishing itself as the most considerable Netflix success of the moment. The series topped the charts of the most-watched in almost 100 countries. Created by Hwang Dong-hook, it, therefore, features 456 people who agree to play a game. They do not know the rules but let themselves be seduced by the sum of money promised to the winner.

They participate in activities that remind us of our childhood every day for a week. We, therefore, find the tug of war, marbles, or even the “one, two, three, sun.” In childish settings, the participants then compete for their survival. A concept that does not seem to please the North Korean authorities.

Especially since in Squid Game, Jung Ho-Yeon plays the role of an exile. She thus fled the North to join the South.


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