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Riverdale Season 6: YOU Star Enters The Show! Episode 6 Release Date?

During the night, the Rivervale event ended, and at the same time, the TV series went on hiatus for the Christmas holidays. The new tranche of episodes will return to the air in the US starting from March and bring us back to “normality”. This word can always be compared to teen drama. Riverdale’s upcoming adventures will see the addition of a potential new threat, represented by Chris O’Shea.

Deadline had announced the entry into the cast of the actor of You Season 3 just yesterday evening before the 100th episode aired. The site also provided the first information on this new character, who has just moved to the mysterious town.

In Riverdale, Chris O’Shea plays Percival Pickens. The latter presents himself as a charming boy, a characteristic that is absolutely part of him, but at the same time, he is a great manipulator. For this reason, things will get worse when he ends up clashing with our beloved protagonists. In particular, his path will cross with that of Archie.

The Percival Pickens of Chris O’Shea is also a descendant of one of the founding fathers of Riverdale, General Pickens. The young man’s goal, which led him to move, is to transform the town into a utopia, a plan that he tries to secretly but ruthlessly.

Before joining the Riverdale cast with this recurring role, Chris O’Shea starred, as anticipated, in the third season of You, in which he played Andrew, the friend of Sherry’s mom-influencer. You may have also seen it later in Magnum PI ., Or, further back in time, in Madam Secretary, Gone, and Baby Daddy.

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 6: When Will It Release?

The teen series based on famous ‘Archie’ comics explores some of the most multigenre storylines a show can follow. With the fifth episode of Season 6, the 5-episode event ‘Rivervale’ comes to an end, leading the show into more of a horror genre. We see Archie dying, the return of Sabrina Spellman, the saga of La Larona, and The Devil swapping souls. In the latest, we saw the effect of a parallel universe.

So here comes the question, when will the sixth episode premiere? The answer is, on March 6, 2022. The fans of the show have to wait for over three months to witness the return of Archie and the gang on the screens. 

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