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Riverdale Season 6 Episode 5: Review & Recap! Ending Explained! What’s Happening?

In the night, the American network The CW welcomed the fifth episode of the sixth season of the teen drama with Cole Sprouse and KJ Apa and the 100th of the TV series. Only later you can find that the whole season 6 is streaming on Netflix. Let’s find out together what happened during the fifth and final episode of the Rivervale event, entitled Chapter One Hundred: The Jughead Paradox.

The 100th episode of Riverdale brought all of Rivervale’s victims back to life, making what happened to them simply a nightmare. Then there is Jughead, who instead dreams of an explosion at Archie’s house, which, however, has never occurred in this universe. The young man has many things to think about as he is ready to return to teaching at Rivervale High. Once he crosses the threshold of the school, everything seems very strange to him.

Not only do his friends seem like pupils again, but he even finds Ben Bton in the bathroom, who should be dead, having thrown himself out of the window in the time of the Gargoyle King. As for Archie and Betty, the two are about to get married. Another absurd thing is that Cooper is contacted by Dr Curdle Jr, who informs her that he has Jughead’s body on his desk. But the latter, at the same time, is right there in front of her. Thus begins the paradox.

This other Jug was found strangled on the Lonely Highway, near the town sign. Jones thus begins to investigate his death. The investigation leads him to the Riverdale comics, which he starts reading from the beginning. Jughead thus realizes that the explosion at Archie’s house was the event that brought about the end of Riverdale and the birth of Rivervale, two parallel universes, the latter a distorted reflection of the former.

The young man shares his discoveries with friends, who, in the meantime, begin to remember some events related to Riverdale. A Betty reminded then that Archie had dreamed of an explosion, but no one could figure out how Hiram could place the bomb, as the man in Rivervale died. Without Lodge, they all turn to Reggie. But there is not just one: there are two. This episode features both Charles Melton’s and Ross Butler’s “original” versions. Veronica finds herself having to manage the two in constant conflict. Eventually, he finds them dead, as they duel and lose both.

But that’s not all. We learn that Jason is also alive, and the same goes for Dilton Doiley and Ethel, who work together at Rivervale High as physics teachers. Dilton is quite versed in parallel universes and advises Jug to give up on his research. According to him, an infinite number of parallel universes exist in peace. If Jones were to continue looking for a way to separate Rivervale and Riverdale, he could ruin everything.

Meanwhile, while Archie suffers from the fact that his father will not be present at the wedding, Jason is kidnapped by Black Hood. The thing, however, does not last long as Jug uses his knowledge to find JJ, and the criminal, who turns out to be Clifford Blossom, is knocked out by Sheriff Keller. Later, during the rehearsal dinner for Betty and Archie’s wedding, those present learn from Tony that Cheryl is dead: strangled. At this point, Jug is more determined than ever to resolve the situation.

Jughead’s Sacrifice

Jughead must take on this assignment to be carried on relentlessly and in total isolation, as there cannot be two Jugs. Thus, Betty seals Rivervale’s version of the young man in the bunker, where her task begins. The girl then returns to Archie’s room with the other Jughead, but the bomb does not explode because, in the bunker, Jones writes the story in this way. At this point, the inhabitants of Rivervale are free to continue with their lives. Betty is again with Archie and Jug with Tabitha.

Rivervale now exists in an endless time loop, as long as Jug writes. As for Riverdale, however, we go back to the moment of the explosion, from which Betty and Archie are saved as someone warns Cooper by phone. The couple, therefore, has time to leave the house. The episode ends with Jug suddenly awakening in Archie’s garage due to the explosion.

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