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Hawkeye: Why Does Clint Hate To Be An Avenger?

Our colleagues from Fredzone have just unveiled several pieces of information confirming the fact that Hawkeye did not appreciate being an Avenger.

As surprising as it may sound, being an Avenger isn’t always a dream life. Proof of this is with Clint Barton, also known as Hawkeye, who doesn’t seem to be a fan of his superhero status. And several clues suggest that.


In case you didn’t know, a new Marvel series has just appeared on Disney +. As you have no doubt understood, this is a project in which Clint Barton sees himself highlighted. Because of this, fans can learn more about him.

Indeed, despite being part of the Iron Man gang, Hawkeye is not the one we see the most in MCU movies. Still, he has a significant role, and fans across the universe adore his character. The latter devotes an unconditional love to him as for Black Widow. Moreover, Clint and Clint have a special relationship. Be careful; what follows contains some spoilers. We, therefore, advise you to stop reading at this level to avoid spoiling a lot of information.

As a reminder, one of the two must sacrifice himself to obtain one of the Infinity Stones to defeat Thanos. The two heroes love each other so much that they do anything to kill themselves to save the life of the other. In the end, it’s Natasha who offers her life against the stone.

As a result, Hawkeye finds himself inconsolable. This made him hate his Avenger status even more. But as you will realize, other points prove that the father of two wished he had never had powers. Because in the films of the MCU, several elements make us understand that “Hawk Eye” would not have said “no” to having a peaceful and everyday life. To take full advantage of his wife and children, whom he abandons with each mission.


And this is confirmed in the first episodes of the series. As our colleagues at Fredzone note, in the first episode, we can see that Clint has a role in the musical “Rogers: The Musical.” “Following this show, Hawkeye is assaulted by his fans. If some would have liked such a situation, this is not the case for the hero. Indeed, while many people ask him for selfies, we can see that he is not happy about it.

He prefers to enjoy the time spent with his family. In addition, the media recalls that once at the restaurant, the managers offer to pay the bill. Although touched by this proposal, Clint Barton looks pretty embarrassed by this offer. And if you remember correctly, in the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, he had chosen to withdraw from the “troop.” Preferring to choose a peaceful family life. This follows the many missions entrusted by the Avengers.

Hawkeye didn’t hesitate to let Wanda know that every time he answered Steve Rogers, he was “disappointing his children . “This role also reminded him that he had lost his family for the first time when Thanos snapped his fingers a few years ago.

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