Red Notice Dethrones Bird Box As The Most Watched Netflix Movie!

Red Notice 2

Netflix subscribers may be surprised. And for a good reason, the film Bird Box could well be dethroned by the film Red Notice. In recent times, Netflix has been filling the boxes. Moreover, his film Red Notice could well remove the famous film Bird Box. 


It’s no secret that Netflix is ​​unanimous. While the competition is fierce on the side of online streaming platforms, the company then finds its place. It must be said that Netflix leaves nothing to chance. Films, series, documentaries, or even animated films, the streaming giant is essential on all fronts. To the delight of its many subscribers, therefore.

In short, the platform got it all. Thus, its programs are imposed on our screens and are then a huge success. Moreover, the Squid Game series has just broken a new record. In a matter of weeks, the program then became the most-watched series in the world. Subscribers devour the episodes and continue to bring the series to life on social media. In short, it’s a new complete box.

On the film side, Netflix seems to be following this same trend. Moreover, for the end-of-year celebrations, the Christmas spirit has landed in its catalog. What to delight followers of magic then. In a completely different register, the film Red Notice caused a sensation. Faced with this great success, the Netflix program could well dethrone Bird Box.


At the moment, Netflix is ​​putting the small dishes in the big ones. Many new features then appear, and subscribers to the platform seem over the moon. Not surprising. The movie Red Notice has landed on Netflix. With a tailor-made cast and a great script, viewers are thrilled. Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot meet at the headliner.

Thus, the film collected 277.83 million hours of viewing. Therefore, the film should very quickly overtake Bird Box, which accumulated 282 million hours of viewing in 2018. Red Notice then won in the Top10 of the platform in 93 countries. In the second week, the film does even better and obtains 94 number 1 places. In short, it’s a real hit!

With this incredible score in such a short time, Red Notice then became the most viewed movie of all time on Netflix. It must be said that the platform did not do things by halves. The budget for the film was then $ 200 million.

Moreover, Dwayne Johnson immediately reacted to this great news. On his Instagram account, he then said: “I’m giving you a glimpse of why RED NOTICE officially became THE GREATEST FILM IN NETFLIX HISTORY.” Before adding: “In less than two weeks, we have smashed all records and we still have many weeks ahead of us. “Besides, the actor has not forgotten to add the trailer of the film.

One thing is sure, Netflix has not finished surprising its subscribers. They have to be ready. After Bird Box and Red Notice, what will be the platform’s subsequent success? To be continued.


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