Gangsta season 2 Release Date Status , Cast, Plot All You Need to Know

Gangsta, a Japanese thriller crime drama anime series, and series abide the plot from manga series. Its first season was aired on 1 July 2015 and includes twelve episodes. The last episode of the series concluded on 27 September 2015, this popular anime series gained a tremendously positive response from critics and viewers. And, fans of this series are eagerly waiting for Gangsta season 2 to arrive. It has been many years since the viewers watched the Gangsta series on screen, and now they are waiting for Gangsta season 2 to return. The fans have waited for almost five years to watch its second season, but they have not heard anything about it. Currently, the fans’ eagerness only seems to grow rapidly as there is no update about the series. So, will the Gangsta season 2 return? Read on to get full detail.

Is Gangsta season 2 renewed or canceled?

Gangsta season 1 aired from July to September that includes twelve episodes and fans are waiting for its season 2. But, season 2 appears to be unlikely to come due to various reasons, the maker of the original series is suffering from a sickness and since its first season it is on long halts. Moreover, Manglobe Studio, the production studio of the series, had experienced bankruptcy a few years ago. Even though the writer manages to write the manga, another similar studio will not produce next season. To be honest, the chances of this happening in this anime series appear to be low. Fans of the series are advised not to get high hopes, as Gangsta season 2 will not come due to various reasons.

Do the creators have enough material?

This anime series is a rename of the manga, and for its further seasons, it would need enough material to follow. This manga’s author has published eight volumes and the last volume came out in 2018. And Gangsta season 1 already covered five volumes, which means the creators of Gangsta season 2 now had three volumes, which is not enough for a series. To make the season more attractive the creators will need two more volumes for a proper season 2. This is also the reason why no other production studio has chosen this anime series after its grand success.

Is there any chance of an anime return?

After going through all the facts mentioned above, it seems the viewers will not experience the return of this anime series. The production studio of this anime series already has gone bankrupt, and there is not enough material for a full-fledged series, and that’s why any other production house is not accepting it. Moreover, during these five years, the demand and popularity of Gangsta season 2 have lowered. So, it is a fact that Gangsta season 2 would not return and the fans who are waiting for it would never get to watch it. Such disappointing news for them!

Plot of Anime

Gangsta anime series revolves around two soldiers’ lifestyles – Worick Arcangelo and Nicholas Brown. They are the hero of the town as they accept those missions and complete them bravely that no one else accepts. Everyone ranging from high-ranked officers to lawmakers converts to them when they need help. Later on, both soldiers make Alex Benedetto a part of their group so that they can protect her from being killed. To their disappointment, the city for which they are serving is undergoing a big transformation that disturbs the city’s influence. Now, a secret organization is looking for these soldiers to stop them. However, the two brave soldiers will have to face a grave challenge, and the only option to overcome it is to win in the battle.

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