Sanditon season 2 finally on its way to premiere

Time has come for Sanditon fans to rejoice, as their beloved masterpiece on PBS series is on its way. The Jane Austen hit and most popular series raised eyebrows of people with its bold sexual content and gained a huge number of fans, all thanks to its charming romance. However, just like Austen’s other works, Sanditon’s season 1 ended in heartbreak. According to season 1, Sydney Parker decided to get married to his former flame just for money and did not follow his heart.

Now, there is both bad and good news for Sanditon fans, the good news is that the drama series is back – but not only with season 2, season 3 as well after season 1’s huge success. What would be the bad news? Theo James, who plays the role of Sydney, along with the other two main characters, will not come for further seasons. When the show came in 2019, it gained a huge loyal fan following, but when the show got canceled then a fierce campaign began for the show’s renewal. Amazingly, the campaign worked, and now the show is coming back with two series.

What is Sanditon season 2 all about?

Now, that seems to be a big question? This show’s season 1 was according to Jane Austin’s unfinished novel, but now, a popular British writer Andrew Davies took up Austen’s draft and turned it into the show’s first episode. As per PBS, this season of Sanditon will follow an independent and high-spirited heroine, Charlotte Heywood. Her journey will depict a list of stories stuffed with romance, intrigue, and excitement. Fans would be able to view similar faces along with new inhabitants.

Why did Theo James quit the show?

It is good news that Sanditon season 2 is returning but with one key character less – Theo James who plays the role of Sydney Parker. This would be very disappointing news for Sanditon fans who were eagerly waiting for a resolution to Charlotte and Sydney’s romance in the upcoming season. According to Theo James, it is the right time to leave the show and the actor thinks that his character’s story had come to a natural end in season 1. Theo James leaving the show means that fans won’t be able to see a happy ending to Charlotte and Sydney’s romance

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