Harry Styles Speaks out After Denmark Shooting, Show Cancellation

Following a Mass Shooting at A Nearby Mall, Harry Styles Has Decided to Cancel His Concert in Denmark. a Heartbroken ‘i’m Heartbroken,’ He Says.

His Denmark event on July 3 was canceled after a mass shooting at a nearby shopping center.

A distraught musician at 28, posted on Twitter, “I’m with the people of Copenhagen,” after learning of the tragedy. In a word, I adore it. There’s a lot of love and warmth here.

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Harry Styles Speaks out After Denmark Shooting, Show Cancellation

Singer of “Watermelon Sugar” said he was devastated for the victims and their families, as well as for everyone who was affected by the tragedy. I regret that we were unable to spend time together. Please take care of each other……. H.”

A gunman opened fire at Field’s mall in Copenhagen, Denmark, hours before Styles was scheduled to perform at the Royal Arena later that night.

In a series of social media posts published Sunday, the Copenhagen Police confirmed that one suspect had been apprehended in connection with the incident.

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The statement added, “We presently do not have the ability to reveal the identity of the person.” You can find us everywhere in Fields, and we’re trying to get an overall picture. #politidk will be updated as soon as we are able.

More than one person was confirmed dead and other individuals were injured at the time of the incident, and authorities urged locals to contact loved ones and let them know if they were okay.

The attacker opened fire at approximately 5:30 p.m. local time, killing two 17-year-old Danish citizens and a 47-year-old Russian male, according to Copenhagen chief police inspector Sren Thomassen. As of Monday, July 4, four more people were in “critical but stable condition” at the hospital.

He was in town as part of his Love on Tour performance. Before making his way to Paris on Tuesday, July 5, the British singer was set to perform in Copenhagen.

Fans in Scandinavia have received two messages of solidarity from “Love of My Life” crooner Bruno Mars this summer following a horrible shooting.

When he learned that a shooter had opened fire at Oslo’s Pride event just weeks before he visited Oslo, Styles addressed the audience at his Friday, July 1, gig.

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Harry Styles Speaks out After Denmark Shooting, Show Cancellation

“I just want to express my deepest apologies and express my sincere hope that everyone in this room feels safe and secure. When asked about his greatest accomplishment, Harry Styles said, “Getting to play every night in front of such an awesome, loving group of people” when he was a part of One Direction.

Thanks a million, it’s an honor to be here. In these trying times, it can be difficult to believe that one person can make a difference. However, I can assure you that each and every one of you can make a difference by making little daily choices to be kinder to others and to go the extra mile for those in need.

This makes all the difference.” I assure you it makes a difference even in the darkest circumstances, even if you don’t feel like it. I promise you that.”

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